‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 5: Who goes home after the Kenny vs Lee showdown?


Who does Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay send home on Episode 5? Six guys leave, two head to Paradise.

The Bachelorette returns with back-to-back episodes this week, starting with episode 5 on Monday night (June 26). Rachel will say goodbye to six guys as she travels from South Carolina to Norway. Actually, it’s going to be “good riddance” to one guy and we all know who that is. His name starts with an L and rhymes with pee.

Monday night’s episode will start with a continuation of Episode 4, mainly Jack Stone‘s one-on-one date in South Carolina and the rose ceremony.  Here’s what happens during the rose ceremony and then we’re off to Norway for a major showdown between two guys and the start of a sweet love story during a one-on-one date.

Here’s the lowdown on Monday night’s show

Make sure you tune in at 8 p.m. ET because there’s going to be all sorts of man drama.

Jack Stone gets a date. It doesn’t go well. Rachel sends him home. Bye Jack. See you on Bachelor in Paradise in August.

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Before the guys travel to Norway, Rachel will host yet another nail-biter of a rose ceremony.

Kidding. It’s not all that dramatic.

Iggy and Jonathan will be sent home. Jonathan will go back to tickling people full-time.

Iggy is rumored to be heading to Paradise where he will undoubtedly become this summer’s biggest tattle-tale.

Off to Norway

Norway is the first of three international stops that will take place before hometown dates.

There’s a two-on-one date tonight so you may want to chill an extra bottle of wine. It’s going to be the Lee vs. Kenny showdown. Spoilers point to Rachel sending Lee home (finally!).

Kenny sticks around, but he’ll be gone by the next episode. He’s a sweetheart but definitely not Rachel’s type.

And Lee? Let’s not mention his name again.

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Ten guys go on a group date this week and play handball. Or something like that.

All we know is they wear leotards. Check out the video below.

Bryan Abasolo will go on his first one-on-one date with Rachel and it won’t be his last. We’re positive Bryan will be kissing Rachel a lot — let’s hope he calms down with his “eat your face” style of kissing.

They’re kind of cute together, don’t you think? But still, we love Peter. And Dean. Decisions, decisions.

Who goes home in Norway?

Producers are driving us crazy this season with the “to be continued” thing. We fully expect that the rose ceremony in Norway won’t be shown until Episode 6. Good thing we don’t have to wait a week.

The next episode airs on Tuesday night (June 27). According to Reality Steve‘s spoilers, Anthony and Josiah will be sent home during the rose ceremony that will take place before the remaining guys head to Denmark.

If you’re keeping track, Alex, Will, Dean, Bryan, Kenny, Peter, Eric, Matt, and Adam all make it to Denmark.

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