How far does Lee Garrett make it on ‘The Bachelorette’ with Rachel Lindsay?


Who is Bachelorette contestant Lee Garrett and how far does he make it with Rachel Lindsay?  Here’s the scoop on the controversial country boy.

The 30-year-old singer/songwriter describes himself as a “dive bar” type of guy with a soft spot for his “Mamaw” in his ABC bio. And, after Episode 4, fans will also learn that he doesn’t have a problem speaking his mind.

Lee has been the subject of some serious scrutiny this season. Most of it is for things that happened long before he joined the Bachelorette cast. When someone dug up Lee’s old tweets (image below), they turned out to be pretty nasty controversial. And then there’s his showdown with contestant Eric Bigger  and Kenny “King” Layne. Rachel impressed with Lee, or what’s the deal?

A self-proclaimed country boy, Lee originally hails from Jacksonville, Florida. Now he lives in Nashville. Because that’s where you go when you want to be a country music start, right? It’s a gathering place for Bachelorette guys, too. Shawn Booth, Luke Pell, Wells Adams, Chris Strandburg, Evan Bass, and many other contestants from past seasons live, or have lived, in Nashville.

Oh, and those tweets, Lee? Seriously? No wonder he made his Twitter account private.

So, when will Lee get booted off the show?

Because we all know he’s not getting the final rose, right? And he’s not going to Paradise. No one is. So, it’s back to Nashville for Lee Garrett…but not yet.

When the spat between Eric and Lee  continues on Episode 4 (June 19), Kenny King gets dragged into it. It’s a sure sign that one — or all — of these guys will be going home. Right? Wrong….

Rachel lets both of them all stay because … producers told her to? Who knows what her reasoning is. But, Lee won’t be around for long. Reality Steve’s spoilers point to the Rachel sending the guitar-strumming country boy home on Episode 5 (June 26).

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