‘Bachelorette’ contestant Bryan Abasolo dissed by his ex, Jubilee Sharpe from Ben Higgins’ season


Bryan Abasolo has been kissing his way through Bachelorette Rachel’s season. His ex, Jubilee Sharpe from Ben Higgins’ season, has something to say about that.

Although this is the first time the Miami-based chiropractor has appeared on a reality TV show, Rachel is not the first person from the franchise he has locked lips with. According to Reality Steve, Bryan recently dated Jubilee Sharpe from Ben Higgins’ season of the Bachelor.

Bryan’s overly aggressive kissing techniques have been a hot topic on Twitter. And Jubilee didn’t hold back on last night, tweeting about the doc’s kissing skills.

Apparently, Bryan and Jubliee didn’t date for a long period of time, but enough for her to determine that her ex should “take notes” about kissing from contestant Dean Unglert.

So, what about this Bryan and Jubilee thing?

“It’s not like it was a long term thing, or they were on the verge of marriage or anything,” Steve writes. “But I can confirm to you that Bryan and Jubilee did have a thing that was somewhat recent.”

Immediately after finding out that Bryan and Jubilee had a thing, we scrolled through his Instagram page. No photos of Jubilee — mostly selfies, screenshots from the Bachelorette, and promotional posts for some sort of tea Bryan is selling. Apparently that’s his side job when he’s not fixing people’s backs.

It’s clear from her tweet that they didn’t end up as friends. Maybe it didn’t work out because he tried to eat her face, much like he’s been doing with Rachel Lindsay.

Rachel may have first-hand experience, but Bachelorette fans have been calling him out for his sloppy kisses since the season premiere.

Rachel is all about Bryan’s sloppy kisses

Jubilee may have dissed Bryan, but Rachel Lindsay is all about his extremely passionate face-sucking. In her People blog, the Bachelorette star said when Bryan kissed her on night one, it was “the hottest first kiss” of her life.

Could it be that the rumors are true that Bryan is more than just a frontrunner this season. Click on the link below and find out what happens between Bryan and Rachel this season. Yes, it’s a spoiler.

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