‘The Bachelorette’ travels overseas before choosing her hometown dates

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The Bachelorette leaves U.S. and travels to three romantic international destinations before Rachel picks her final four guys for hometown dates.

Rachel Lindsay and her remaining guys will jet off to some fabulous destinations overseas during Episode 5 (June 26). The dates that take place on Episodes 5-7 will be very important. By the end of Rachel’s three-country tour, she will determine which 4 guys will get hometown dates.

Where does Rachel travel and who will make it back to the U.S. for hometown dates? Here’s the scoop. And by scoop, we mean spoilers.

ABC will air back-to-back episodes (5 and 6) on June 26 -27, followed by Episode 7 on July 3. However, that date may not be a firm one. Considering they are airing two episodes in one week, the network may skip a week due to the upcoming 4th of July holiday. We’ll update this post once we get confirmation.

Where ‘ya headed, Rachel?

Episode 5 (June 26) Rachel travels to Oslo, Norway for a group date, a one-on-one (Bryan Abasolo), and the date we can’t wait to watch — the two-on-one between Lee and Kenny.

The spoilers are not clear on how many guys go home in Norway, but Reality Steve is confident that we’ll see Lee leave during the 2-on-1, and Josiah and Anthony leave during the rose ceremony. There’s a chance Rachel will dump Kenny, too. Stay tuned!

Episode 6 (June 27) Rachel and her remaining guys will head to Denmark on Tuesday night’s episode. Fans can expect to see two guys get one-on-one dates (Eric and Will).

The remaining guys will go on a group date. According to Reality Steve, Rachel will send Will home during their one-on-one, Eric will get a rose, and Alex will be sent home during the rose ceremony.

However, Steve wasn’t certain about the fate of one other guy who may go home on Episode 6 or 7, but he’s not a frontrunner, so who cares.

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Episode 7 (July 3 or July 10) We hope ABC doesn’t skip a week. They already did that to us during the NBA Finals. Whenever the episode airs, Rachel and six guys will travel to beautiful Switzerland.

This is an extremely important week for all of the guys – four will be picked for hometowns and two will go home with a t-shirt that says, “I didn’t make the cut.” Or something like that.

Spoilers indicate that Rachel’s final four guys are Dean, Bryan, Eric, and Peter. They will all head back to their respective hometowns on Episode 8.

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