7 of ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel’s guys hope to find love in ‘Paradise’

Bachelor in Paradise season 4
Bachelor in Paradise season 4 /

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay will dump 30 guys before she hands out her final rose, but seven of them will get a second chance at finding love on Bachelor in Paradise.

Just one day after Rachel Lindsay hands out her final rose, the new season of Bachelor in Paradise will begin. Rachel’s season finished taping in May, so it’s been more than a month she said “goodbye” to 30 of the 31 guys who were cast for her season. However, not all of the guys will walk away from the Bachelorette without a second chance at finding love on TV.

Seven of her rejected suitors were cast for the upcoming season of Paradise, not counting DeMarioAlthough ABC hasn’t released the full cast list yet, the guys Rachel dumped are back on set in Mexico where production for the Bachelor spinoff has resumed after a two-week hiatus. Here’s a look at the guys from Rachel’s season who will appear on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. 

Production resumes

Production for Paradise was halted for two weeks due to a sexual misconduct allegation. Most of the cast and crew are now back in Sayulita, Mexico to resume filming. Well, most of them. So far, it looks like Corinne Olympios won’t be coming back and DeMario Jackson has declined an offer to return. But, this is reality TV. Anything can happen. Bringing back both DeMario and Corinne could boost ratings, so never say never.

Rachel’s guys are looking for love — we think

Obviously, there are spoilers ahead.

More from Bachelor in Paradise

The seven guys who are expected to appear on Bachelor in Paradise will be eliminated on upcoming episodes of the Bachelorette.

Some guys will go home in the next week or two, but one will make it all the way to hometowns.

According to Reality Steve, the following guys from Rachel’s season are expected to show up at some point during Season 4 — Dean Unglert, Brady Ervin, Matt Munson, Alex Bordyukov, Jack Stone, Iggy Rodriguez,  and Kenneth “Diggy” Moreland.

DeMario makes eight, but we’re not going to count him because we have no idea if he’s headed to Mexico or not.

Is Dean in love?

Dean is one of the guys who was in Paradise to film the premiere episode before production was halted. According to a previous report from Accept this Rose, Dean found a love connection right away with one of Nicks’s girls. (info in link) There’s word that they are both coming back to film (what we hope is) the continuation of their relationship.

The format of the show is expected to be the same as last season. A cast of around 16 Bachelor and Bachelorette alum will appear on the season premiere, followed by weekly arrivals (and departures) of one or more cast members.

Filming for the season will wrap up around July 5. Expect to hear some spoilers about who got engaged and who left Paradise engaged. Because you know it’s going to happen!

Bachelor in Paradise premieres August 8 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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