10 tweets about ‘Bachelorette’ contestant Lee Garrett that deserve a retweet


Bachelorette fans aren’t holding back when it comes to how they feel about contestant Lee Garrett, one the nastiest villains in the history of the show.

Clearly, Lee Garrett is not a fan favorite. From the racist tweets that fans dug up on Twitter to his cocky attitude on the Bachelorette, it’s time for him to go. In fact, he shouldn’t be on the show at all. If producers did their job, they would have checked out his Twitter account before they cast him on the show. Because there’s no place for a tweet like, “What’s the difference between the NAACP and the KKK? Wait for it…One has the sense of shame to cover their racist a– faces.”

According to Variety, Lee made his Twitter account private after he was called out for being a total douchebag. But that’s not stopping Bachelorette fans from telling the world how they really feel about the guy who will finally go home on Tuesday night (Episode 6). Good riddance, Lee. Here are 10 tweets that will give Lee the sendoff he deserves.

And please note, we understand that producers can make a normal guy appear to be a villain. That’s what happens to some contestants on the Bachelor and the Bachelorette — it’s called editing.

But Lee’s nasty tweets happened long before he became a contestant on the Bachelorette. So, yes, we’re judging him for that. There’s no forgiveness for being racist (personal opinion).

With that said, here are 10 tweets about Lee that are worth of a retweet.

Okay, we lied. There are 11 tweets. But this one is really worth a read and a retweet.

Watch The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay finally send Lee home on Tuesday, June 27 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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