Next Bachelor to be announced during Bachelor in Paradise per Mike Fleiss


After several false alarms, it looks like we’re about to find out who the next Bachelor is. Will it really be a shock to find out it’s Peter Kraus?

Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss has been driving us crazy for days, but it appears we will finally find out who ABC’s next leading man is during Monay’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

For days, Fleiss’ Twitter feed has been filled with nonsense about  the next Bachelor. And when he re-tweeted (and deleted!) an announcement from Good Morning America that pointed to a September 1 reveal, fans completely lost it on Twitter. We know it’s all hype. Fleiss is trying to throw us off course by teasing that someone other than Peter Kraus is the next Bachelor.

Tonight’s the night

Or so we think. Fleiss could be bullsh**ting again.

On Monday afternoon, Fleiss tweeted:

“Hoping to make the BIG announcement during tonite’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.”

@fleissmeister Twitter
@fleissmeister Twitter /

We set our alarms for the Good Morning America announcement last Friday and it was canceled.

We’re not betting our last bottle of wine on this one. We’ll believe it when we see it.

Something tells us Fleiss is sending out misleading tweets again!

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TMZ caught up with Peter a few days ago when he arrived in Los Angeles.

He wouldn’t confirm or deny that he’s the next Bachelor, a sign that he is but he can’t say.

Some fans thought Peter might be heading to Dancing with the Stars but we say, “No way.”

There’s a good chance he will be introduced during tonight’s Jimmy Kimmel Live show, but it could come earlier. Perhaps at the end of tonight episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Or maybe not.

For now, we will ignore the false alarms and wait patiently for the Bachelor, starring Peter Kraus, to premiere in January 2018.

Is there a chance Peter turned the gig down and it’s someone else? Of course. But let’s be honest with ourselves — Wells isn’t getting the gig.

Dean is busy being a player, so that’s out.

Eric Bigger would be phenomenal but that’s not going to happen. He needs to fall in love a few times before that happens.

Ben Zorn is in love with his dog.

Robby Hayes is busy being a social media influencer and faking a relationship with Amanda.

Ben Higgins is still reeling from his breakup with Lauren Bushnell.

Who’s left? Peter Kraus. 


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