These tweets confirm Bachelor in Paradise star Robby Hayes is a social media influencer


Robby Hayes’ hair was a hot topic on Twitter during the Bachelor in Paradise premiere. And it’s all because Robby is a social media influencer.

Robby Hayes didn’t win Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher’s final rose last year. Flash forward one year and he’s winning all sorts of awards for his hair on Bachelor in Paradise. Well, not real awards — just a few thousand mentions on Twitter. And Robby’s not complaining. After all, he confirmed during Monday night’s premiere he’s a social media influencer.

If you’re not sure what a social media influencer is, check out the tweets below. There was so much chatter about Robby and his crazy coif that we forgot about everyone else in Paradise. At least during the commercial breaks. Twitter was all, “Robby, Robby, Robby” and he didn’t even do anything. That, my friends, is a stealth social media influencer.

Robby is supposedly in Paradise to find love, but we know he’s on a much more important mission…

He’s influencing all of us

We’re under his spell. Soon, we will be forking over our entire paycheck to buy his Leisureletics boxes, teeth whitener, and maybe a bucket of Robby Hayes’ hair gel.

Yeah, we’re fully expecting Robby to launch a hair care line that will rival Nick Viall’s “Polished Gent” nonsense. Wait, is Nick still selling men’s beauty boxes? Or did that flop because he wasn’t a social media influencer? Enough about Nick.

Did you tweet about Robby’s hair last night?

If not, there’s still time. Robby (and his hair) will appear on Bachelor in Paradise every Monday and Tuesday night for the next six weeks or so. He’s not going home anytime soon. Social media influencer Robby Hayes has work to do!

Here’s our roundup of the best tweets about Robby Hayes and his utterly famous hair. We’ll kick things off with a tweet from the influencer himself…

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