Peter Kraus talks about Bachelor rumors while in L.A., heading to ‘DWTS’ instead?


Confused about who the next Bachelor is? Peter Kraus attempts to clear up the confusion after the big reveal was canceled on Good Morning America.

Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss continues to tweet mixed messages about the identity of the guy who will be handing out roses in January 2018. And just hours after the big reveal was canceled on Good Morning America, Peter Kraus addressed rumors about his future as the season 22 Bachelor star.

And now, to add to the confusion, there is word that Peter may have picked cash over love and will be heading to Dancing with the Stars this season. Here’s what Peter had to say about that and what to expect in the coming days as far as a Bachelor announcement.

Last week, fans freaked out when Good Morning America tweeted that the Bachelor reveal would take place on September 1. Mike Fleiss retweeted the info and we all set our alarms so we wouldn’t miss Peter (we assumed) make his debut on the early-morning news show.

Just minutes after GMA tweeted about the big reveal, they deleted the tweet. Many fans assumed that Peter decided not to take the gig. Then TMZ caught up with Peter at an L.A. airport to get some answers about the rumors. [Watch the video below]

Peter told TMZ he was in L.A. for “something else” that wasn’t Bachelor-related, quickly sparking rumors that he’s going to appear on Dancing with the Stars instead. And that isn’t a bad idea — he wouldn’t be forced to get engaged at the end of the show.

When asked about the Bachelor gig, Peter said, “I cannot say yes or no” — obviously he’s being told to dodge questions about it until ABC confirms the details.

Will Peter be dancing or handing out roses?

Peter was asked if he was excited about the rumors surrounding his possible return to TV. His answer? “No.”

“No, it makes me nervous. People have a lot of opinions and they’re not always positive.”

He did, however, acknowledge the fans who have been supporting him on social media. And we have a feeling we will be cheering him on very soon.

And it won’t be on Dancing with the Stars…..

We’re not going to bet money on this, but we’re still confident Peter has already signed a contract to become the Bachelor 2018. Clearly he’s been a frontrunner for the gig since he was on Rachel’s season.

Although there are plenty of fans who called him out for not proposing to Rachel, it would be refreshing to watch the lead make a smart decision after dating someone two or three times.

Announcement is coming soon — on Jimmy Kimmel Live?

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The Bachelor in Paradise reunion was taped last week, around the time Peter was in Los Angeles. The finale will air September 11.

However, it’s totally possible Peter won’t be introduced on the reunion show.

It’s possible he was in L.A. to tape the big reveal on Jimmy Kimmel Live. After all, that’s what his ex, Rachel Lindsay did.

So much speculation, very few answers. However, there is one thing we know for sure — the Bachelor season 22 will premiere in January and some guy is going to be handing out roses.

[Featured Image via Peter Kraus/Instagram]