‘Bachelor in Paradise’ spoilers: What happens between Dean and Kristina?


Will Dean finally come to his senses and choose Kristina over DLo before the Bachelor in Paradise finale? Or will he break both girls’ hearts?

With less than two weeks to go before the Bachelor in Paradise finale, Dean needs to make a decision. He can’t leave the show and carry on this ridiculous love triangle. Or can he?

Honestly, Dean has no idea what he wants. That will become painfully clear during the episodes that lead up to the finale. And if you think there hasn’t been enough drama this season (other than Corinne and DeMario nonsense), that’s about to change. Here’s what to expect as Dean tries to figure his way out of the mess he created.

Dean doesn’t know how to fix the mess he created

Dean is taking a lot of heat on Twitter from fans who aren’t happy about the way he’s treating Kristina. He’s probably a great guy, but flip-flopping between Kristina and DLo is not earning him high marks.

Normally, it’s not a big deal to date multiple people in Paradise. After all, how do you figure out who’s a good match if you don’t go on dates?

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And it wouldn’t have been a big deal for Dean if he didn’t spend two weeks with Kristina during the filming hiatus.

During a recent Almost Famous podcast, Ashley Iaconetti and Ben Higgins confirmed that Kristina and Dean had sex during the time they spent away from Paradise.

There is no doubt Kristina assumed they would be an exclusive couple when filming resumed. But that’s when Dean turned into a two-timing commitment-phobe.

Spoiler alert

Will Dean finally come to his senses and pick Kristina? Yes and no.

On the next episode of Bachelor in Paradise (September 4), Kristina will hit her breaking point. There’s only so much she can take, especially when Dean is hanging all over DLo.

According to Reality Steve, Kristina will leave Paradise before the next rose ceremony.

Dean doesn’t go chasing after her. He sticks with DLo right through to the finale, but he won’t take her to the fantasy suite.

If the spoilers are correct, he tells DLo he’s in love with Kristina and leaves the show.

Are Dean and Kristina dating?

It’s been almost two months since filming wrapped in Mexico. Since then, Dean was spotted out with DLo in Los Angeles. Dean also reconnected with Kristina, who lives in Kentucky.

So, the love triangle continued off camera. But we’re not so sure he’s dating either girl at this point.

We’ll find out soon enough. Many of the couples are in LA this week filming the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show.

Hopefully, Dean, Kristina, and DLo will all get a chance to talk about their confusing relationship with Dean.

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