GMA deletes The Bachelor announcement tweet: What happened? Did Peter back out?


Bachelor fans woke up on Friday expecting to see the next Bachelor star introduced on Good Morning America but that didn’t happen.

Bachelor Nation is fuming right now. On Thursday night, the folks at Good Morning America tweeted that the next Bachelor reveal would take place, live, “tomorrow.” Minutes after the tweet was posted, it disappeared from GMA’s timeline.

The Bachelor tweet Good Morning America
The Bachelor tweet Good Morning America /

Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss teased a potential announcement all day, just hours after Reality Steve confirmed Peter Kraus took the gig.

So, what happened? Why did GMA pull the tweet? Did they post it in error or did Peter decide to ditch ABC’s offer to hand out roses in 2018. Here’s what we know so far.

Fleiss re-tweets next Bachelor announcement

GMA posted the tweet shortly after 10:30 p.m. ET on Thursday night. It stated, “TOMORROW: We reveal the next Bachelor LIVE, only on @GMA!”

Mike Fleiss re-tweeted GMA’s tweet seconds before it disappeared. Take a look.

Mike Fleiss Bachelor tweet GMA
Mike Fleiss Bachelor tweet GMA /

We were fully expecting the next Bachelor to be introduced on the Bachelor in Paradise reunion (September 11). But with all of the hype from Mike Fleiss, followed by GMA’s tweet, it was clear they wanted to make the announcement ASAP.

Is ABC trying to mislead fans?

Considering Reality Steve tweeted earlier in the week that Peter would be revealed as the next Bachelor, the reveal wasn’t going to be big surprise.

“I feel confident in reporting that sources are telling me Peter is the next Bachelor & it will be announced soon,” Steve tweeted on August 30.

Still, we woke up early expecting to see the 2018 Bachelor make his first appearance on Good Morning America. Now fans are wondering if Peter decided not to take the gig.

Is it possible producers are just trying to trick Bachelor Nation into thinking Peter changed his mind to increase the hype about the big reveal?

At this point, Good Morning America has wrapped for the day, so clearly someone screwed up sending the tweet out. Or it was intentional to get fans buzzing.

We fully expect Mike Fleiss to play this up and pretend they are considering someone else. We’ll be stalking his Twitter feed all day.

Bottom line, fans aren’t pleased with the situation

Did you wake up expecting to see Peter (or someone else, if that’s the case) revealed as the next Bachelor on Good Morning America?

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