‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers: 6 guys go home tonight after cocktail party showdown


Who does Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay send home on Episode 4? After a disastrous cocktail party, 6 guys hit the road.

The Bachelorette returns for another dramatic episode on Monday, June 19. After a week off due to the NBA finals, we’re ready to watch the drama unfold. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll start to see some frontrunners emerge now that the spotlight is off Whaboom. Good riddance.

Monday night’s episode will start with a continuation of the Week 3 cocktail party. To refresh your memory, there was a bit of a showdown between Eric and Lee on the last episode — Kenny joins in the action tonight. Pour the wine and get your snacks ready — here’s what happens on Episode 4.

The argument between Eric and Lee will be explosive. Kenny will speak up and all h**l breaks loose. If the spoilers are correct, it will amount to nothing. Lee won’t go home. Neither will Eric. And Kenny sticks around, too.

Rose ceremony eliminations

There will be one round of eliminations at the beginning of Monday night’s episode. If producers don’t use the “to be continued” at the end, we’ll see three more guys go home. Here’s the scoop.

After the Eric-Lee-Kenny blowout, Rachel will send three guys home — Bryce, Diggy, and Brady. She sent Fred home during the “Ellen” group date that aired on June 5.

After the rose ceremony eliminations, the remaining guys will travel to South Carolina. Yes, they’re finally leaving the mansion. There will be four more eliminations in South Carolina including one guy who leaves during a one-on-one date.

Week 4 dates — and more eliminations

Tonight, we’ll watch Rachel go on two one-on-one dates and a group date in Bluffton, South Carolina.

Group date: This week’s group date is brought to you by A-B-C. It’s a spelling be, get it? There are 12 guys on this date (Kenny, Anthony, Matt, Eric, Bryan, Iggy, Josiah, Will, Peter, Jonathan, and Alex). One of this season’s sweetest guys, Josiah, wins the spelling bee. Is it me, or does he seem like one of the few guys who are genuine?

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One-on-one: Dean Unglert gets to conquer his fear of heights tonight. He will take a ride in a Goodyear blimp with Rachel. Personally, I would have taken a raincheck on that one. But Dean’s pretty attractive, so maybe I’d give it a try.

One-on-one: Jack Stone gets the second one-on-one. He’s an attorney but apparently, that doesn’t impress our beautiful legal-eagle.

Rachel sends him home at the end of the date. Jack was part of the first round of Paradise contestants but that clearly didn’t work out for him. Guess he’ll have to go back being a lawyer instead of a movie star.

The Episode 4 rose ceremony may not be shown until next week. However, Reality Steve‘s spoilers indicate that Iggy and Jonathan will be sent home during the rose ceremony and perhaps one more guy. Steve isn’t sure about that. Rest assured, it’s not Peter, Bryan, or any of the guys who appear to have a shot at making the final four.

Let’s recap!

Here are the guys who are eliminated on Monday night: Bryce, Diggy, Brady, Jack, Jonathan, and Iggy. Keep in mind, the second set of eliminations may not air until next week.

For the guys who remain, the international travel starts next week. First stop? Beautiful Norway.

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