‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers: Will Bryan get a one-on-one date with Rachel this week?

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Bachelorette contestant Bryan Abasolo got the first impression rose and the first kiss. When will he get his first one-on-one date with Rachel?

Will he finally get some alone time with Rachel during Monday night’s episode (Week 4, June 19)? Or will the Miami-based chiropractor have to muddle through another group date this week?

Although Bryan made a big impression on Rachel on the season premiere, he has some serious competition now that the dates are underway and travel is about to begin.

In her People blog, Rachel said that her first kiss with Bryan was the “hottest first kiss” of her life.

However, without a one-on-one date to secure some alone time with Rachel, fans are wondering if Bryan will be able to move to frontrunner status. After all, she’s not holding back when it comes to kissing the other guys.

Group date — again.

Unfortunately, Bryan will have to wait awhile before he gets to spend the day with Rachel. Reality Steve‘s spoilers indicate that there will be two one-on-one dates on Episode 4, but the dates go to Dean Unglert and Jack Stone. Bryan gets stuck on yet another group date.

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Although Steve is confident that Bryan wins Rachel’s final rose, the fact that he is only getting picked for group dates has some fans wondering if the final rose spoilers are incorrect.

Her first one-on-one (Week 2) was with Peter Kraus. He’s the guy Steve initially said Rachel got engaged to when the final rose ceremony was taped back in May. She surely seemed smitten with Peter during their date.

However, let’s give Steve the benefit of the doubt. Bryan finally gets a one-on-one date on Episode 5 (June 26).

And, if the final rose spoilers are correct, it’s one of many dates to come for Rachel and Bryan.

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