‘Bachelor in Paradise’: 3 things that happened in Mexico that don’t involve Corinne or DeMario


"Everyone’s buzzing about the Bachelor in Paradise scandal but there are three things that happened fans may not know about."

What a week it’s been for Bachelor Nation. First, we had to suffer through a Monday night without an episode of the Bachelorette. Then our hearts were ripped out when Warner Bros. announced that production for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise was suspended.

Naturally, everyone is talking about the Corinne – DeMario situation. However, there were other things happening in Paradise before everyone was sent home that fans may not even know about. We’re here to fill you in on some of the drama/love stories you’ll be missing out on now that Season 4 has been cancelled. Or as Warner Bros. puts it — halted.

Wells Adams was tending bar in Paradise

Jorge the Bartender made a cameo appearance during the first day of filming. Producers then brought Wells Adams (JoJo’s season, BIP Season 3) in to replace him.

According to Reality Steve, Wells was going to serve as the go-to guy for contestants to talk to during the season. There were also plans in place to allow Wells to step out from behind the bar and go on a date. Ugh. We want to see Wells find love.

Derek Peth ditched Olivia Caridi before filming

Remember Olivia Caridi from Ben’s season? Before Paradise started filming, she was dating Derek Peth (JoJo’s season). During a podcast with Reality Steve, she confirmed that Derek recently broke off their relationship. Why? Because he didn’t want to date anyone from the franchise. Apparently, he didn’t really mean that. Here’s why.

Shortly after their breakup, Derek signed a contract with ABC and jetted off to Paradise. Before production was halted, he reportedly hooked up with Taylor Nolan (Nick’s season). Hmm.

One of Rachel’s guys makes a love connection

*Spoiler alert*

Remember Kristina Schulman from Nick’s season? Apparently she was dating Jef -with one “f” Holm (Emily Maynard’s ex) – before she joined the Paradise cast. Well, she’s not dating him anymore. Instead, she left Mexico with one of Rachel Lindsay’s guys!

Dean Unglert was part of the cast that had yet to be announced by ABC. Reality Steve has confirmed that Rachel dumped Dean after hometowns. So, like many of Rachel’s guys, he headed to  Bachelor in Paradise for another shot at love.

It didn’t take long for Dean to get over Rachel. Unfortunately, we won’t see their first date play out on TV this summer, but Steve said that Dean and Kristina are traveling together. Hey, maybe it will work out.

We could use some good news because frankly, we’re still devastated about Bachelor in Paradise.

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