‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers Week 3: Seven guys go home tonight, things get ugly at the mansion


Who does Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay send home on Episode 3? Seven guys leave, one tries to come back — it’s a hot mess.

The Bachelorette is back for another night of drama and a hint of romance. Episode 3 is a continuation of last week’s cocktail party and we’re surprised Rachel hasn’t run out the back door of the mansion by now.

Group dates, multiple eliminations, arguments outside the mansion, and the return of one contestant who tries to beg his way back onto the show….oh, my. It’s going to be a great night.

Seven guys will go home this week, but it won’t all happen at once. Producers left us hanging with the “to be continued” at the end of last week’s episode. So, we’ll see the what should have been last week’s rose ceremony at the beginning of tonight’s show.

DeMario is back

Before Rachel holds the second rose ceremony of the season, DeMario Jackson returns and asks for a second chance with Rachel. Her bodyguard, Chris Harrison, does his best to turn him away. DeMario gives it his best shot, but all spoilers lead to no-ville. However, there’s a 99.9 percent chance you’ll see DeMario on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. The guy doesn’t give up.

Rose ceremony time

According to Reality Steve, Rachel will ditch DeMario before the rose ceremony. Then she’ll start handing out roses to all but three guys. Four more guys will go home later in the show.

Most fans will be pleased to find out that Lucas will “Whaboom” his way out of the mansion on Monday night. Rachel will send him home along with his Ex-Isle co-star, Blake Elarbee. ABC teases that Blake and Lucas will have an argument after the get eliminated, but any teaser from ABC usually means it’s going to be total nonsense. Don’t expect to see them wrestle on the mansion driveway — although that would be fun to watch.

Jamey will also go home but we have no idea who he is. Apparently, he didn’t make much of an impression.

Week 3 dates

There are two group dates and a one-on-one date this week. Here’s what to expect:

Group Date 1 – Six guys go on the Ellen Show and dance around like they Chippendale dancers. Not quite. But it’s a shirtless moment and it’s better than watching paint Fred, Alex, Jonathan, Bryan, Will, and Peter are on this date. You can watch them gyrating for the crowd in the video below. Spoilers point to Rachel sending Fred home during this date. Probably because he’s been thinking about her since Kindergarten. Or he can’t dance. You be the judge.

One-on-One Date: Anthony Battle goes on a horse riding date in the middle of the street. Looks like a good time.

Group Date 2:  It’s a mud wrestling date and four of Rachel’s Bachelor friends show up. Shocker. Somehow, Rachel needs them there for moral support? All four girls are expected to be on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, so now we know why ABC is giving the girls so much air time.

More from News

Eight guys are on this date: Bryce, Brady, Adam, Eric, Kenny, Lee, Dean, and Jack. Bryce wins the group date rose and we’re not sure why, but it’s not because he has a connection with Rachel.

We may forget about him unless he shows up in Paradise. At this rate, I should be going to Paradise because I talk about it so much.

Week 3 Rose Ceremony

Yes, there’s another rose ceremony. However, we won’t find out ’til the episode airs if they will show it tonight or wait until the next episode. And guess what? Due to the NBA finals, the next episode won’t air until June 19. That’s just sad.

Who goes home at the end of tonight’s episode or at the beginning of Episode 4? Spoilers point to Diggy, Kenneth, Brady, and Bryce leaving the show. Fortunately, none of them will try to pull a DeMario and come back.

The Bachelorette airs on (most) Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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