How far does Eric Bigger make it on ‘The Bachelorette’ with Rachel Lindsay? [Spoilers]


Who is Bachelorette contestant Eric Bigger and how far does he make it with Rachel Lindsay? Here’s the latest scoop on Eric’s quest to win the final rose.

The 29-year-old motivational speaker describes himself as the life of the party in his ABC bio, but will Eric’s bold personality and dazzling smile help him win Rachel Lindsay’s heart?

Eric hails from Baltimore, MD, but he currently lives in Los Angeles where he runs a motivational speaking business. He’s also written a few books and worked as a model. Oh, and his bio states that he’s a personal trainer. Sounds like Eric is one busy dude — we’re surprised he found the time to come on The Bachelorette to look for love. Then again, being on TV could give his biz a boost, so there’s that.

On an upcoming episode of The Bachelorette, Eric gets a little feisty with contestant Lee Garrett, a singer-songwriter who is rumored to become one of this season’s villains. He’s not really using his motivational speaking skills in the video clip below,       but he does not have a problem standing up for himself when Eric gets into a verbal tussle with Lee.

Will Eric make it to the final rose ceremony?

Spoiler alert!

Eric’s feud with Lee doesn’t stop him from his relentless pursuit of Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. Although one of Eric’s first dates with Rachel is a group date (Week 2), he’ll have his fair share of one-on-one dates with the Bachelorette star.

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Reality Steve‘s spoilers point to Eric making it far enough to put himself in the running for the next Bachelor gig. Unfortunately, that means he doesn’t score the final rose.

Steve is certain that Eric makes it to the hometown dates and on to the overnight dates in Madrid, but that’s where his journey ends.

If Reality Steve‘s predictions are correct, fans will see Rachel send Eric home after spending the night in the Fantasy Suite.

Well, we assume that Rachel takes advantage of the alone time with her final three. But whether she uses all three Fantasy Suite keys or not, Eric Bigger won’t make it to the final rose ceremony.

Now the big question is — will Eric get a shot at becoming the next Bachelor or will producers ship him off to Paradise instead?

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