Bachelorette Becca’s first impression rose: Love at first sight on night one?

Photo Credit: The Bachelorette/ABC
Photo Credit: The Bachelorette/ABC /

The Bachelorette Becca Kufrin has 28 guys to pick from, but one guy caught her eye the moment he arrived at the mansion.

The 14th season of The Bachelorette is just getting underway but Becca Kufrin has already confirmed that she found the man of her dreams while filming her season. Last week, she confirmed she got engaged when the final rose ceremony was taped earlier this month and it was the happiest day of her life.

So, was it love at first sight? And did the guy who got Becca’s first impression rose get her final rose as well? If so, she’s following in the footsteps of several Bachelorette stars who fell for Mr. Right on night one.

The first impression rose has been fair indicator of who makes it to the final four for some of the most recent Bachelorette leads including Rachel Lindsay (Bryan), JoJo Fletcher (Jordan), and Kaitlyn Bristowe (Shawn). All three guys got the first rose of the season and got engaged during the final rose ceremony. Although all three couples have yet to tie the knot, they are still together!

Becca’s first impression rose (SPOILER ALERT!)

On Monday night’s Bachelorette premiere, Becca gives her first impression rose to a guy who seems pretty normal. And by normal, we mean “there for the right reasons” — unlike some of the other guys cast for Becca’s season.

Garrett Yrigoyen, a 29-year-old surgical technology consultant from Reno, Nevada, pulls up in a minivan on night one. He wants to get married, have kids, and do all that normal stuff.

Garrett Bachelorette Becca
Garrett Yrigoyen/ABC /

We’ll give Garrett extra bonus points if the TV stardom doesn’t go to his head and he says “no” to promoting Fab Fit Fun boxes on Instagram.

From what we’ve heard, Garrett makes it past the hometowns and ends up as one of the final two guys this season.

Maybe because he’s down to earth and actually looking for love?

Something tells us that Becca has her “not here for the right reasons” radar on and Garrett passed the test.

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Will Garrett’s 1st impression rose lead to the final rose?

Although Reality Steve usually gets the scoop about the finale, the honors go to TMZ for leaking out photos of Becca’s finale.

The final rose ceremony was taped in the Maldives on May 10.

A woman who was honeymooning in the area reportedly snapped some pics of Becca’s finale and, we assume, got a nice paycheck from TMZ.

We’re not 100 percent sure, but the guy in the photos below looks just like Garrett Yrigoyen.

If so, the first impression rose once again led to an engagement.

Of course, producers will try to throw fans off course and make us think Becca picked someone else, but we’re rooting for Garrett and his sweet minivan to win the final rose!

Bachelorette Becca Engaged Garrett
@HarryLevinTMZ /

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