Bekah preps for Bachelor in Paradise, says Instagram is paying her bills

Bekah Martinez/ABC
Bekah Martinez/ABC /

Bekah Martinez is making bank on Instagram and there’s no doubt her income will continue to rise when she appears on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

Filming for the fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise will begin soon and it’s no secret that Bekah from Arie’s season will be part of the cast. Although ABC has not confirmed the cast list, Bekah isn’t hiding the fact that she will be heading to Mexico with some of her Bachelor besties for another round of televised speed dating.

Earlier this week, Bekah shared her to-do list on her Instagram story. One of the tasks noted in her planner included the words “Paradise contract.” And it’s not just her jam-packed planner Bekah shared with her followers — she revealed that Instagram is paying her bills.

This should come as no surprise to fans. Most Bachelor/ette contestants jump on the product endorsement train, some earning a rumored six-figure income sharing their “love” for products like MVMT Watches, Fit Tea, Fab Fit Fun Boxes, and ovulation predictors (interesting).

“I can essentially afford to live right now through Instagram which I’m so, so grateful for,” Bekah told her followers in an Instagram story on Wednesday.

Bekah Bachelor in Paradise Instagram
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Heading to Paradise for love or money?

We don’t blame Bekah for taking advantage of her popularity to become a social media influencer of sorts.

The big question is, would she go on TV to “find love” if the perks of having a big social media following didn’t exist?

Seriously, is anyone heading to Paradise really looking for love?

Or is growing a big following, modeling clothes for random companies, and getting paid to pretend that they need the Hopper app to plan their next big adventure the goal?

Oh, and that Sugar Bear Hair stuff … does it really taste like candy?

Bekah is a free spirit and will undoubtedly entertain us on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. However, we highly doubt she’s looking for a husband.

Robby Hayes lookalikes don’t really seem like her type. Then again, she acted like she was totally into Arie…

[Images: @whats_ur_sign Instagram/ABC]