Bachelorette Becca: New man, new engagement ring — Arie, who?


Becca Kufrin isn’t waiting for the Bachelorette finale to let fans know that she is happily engaged!

Eight weeks after Becca Kufrin’s emotional breakup with Arie Luyednyk aired during The Bachelor finale, the Bachelorette star has confirmed that she has a new man in her life.

Filming for her season wrapped two weeks ago in the Maldives. Becca claims the finale was the happiest moment of her life and says she’s ready to show off her final pick and her brand new engagement ring.

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It’s not the first time a Bachelorette star has revealed that she’s engaged before the premiere. Last season, Rachel Lindsay shared the news that she was engaged just a few days before her season got underway.

Although Becca has confirmed she engaged, here’s a big heads up if you’re not a fan of spoilers.

Earlier this week, photos from the final rose ceremony (spoiler in link) leaked out online, so steer clear of social media if you don’t want to know who Becca picked.

For those who would rather see the season play out spoiler-free, at least we know she had a happy ending after her disastrous breakup on the Bachelor finale.

Becca, 28, told People it “feels good” to say she’s engaged and the whole season was a “whirlwind.”

Becca had 28 guys to choose from and says she tried to steer clear of the typical Bachelorette drama. But, we all know producers will do their best to create a hot mess of some sort.

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Two guys, one rose

Despite any drama that comes her way, it sounds like Becca did her best to make a good decision.

She tells Entertainment Tonight that she did fall for two guys, but in the end, she was on a mission to find a life partner and, so far, it’s working out for her.

“[I love] so many things [about him],” she sweetly said. “Just that he put up with me through the entire journey.”

“It feels so different because the relationship and the guy is different,” Becca told ET. “It feels better suited for me, it’s like this better fit for me and what I need in my life. I am willing to do anything it takes to make it work to support my partner … we’ll have each other’s backs through the time where we have to stay private. And then we’ll continue that and share it with the world.”

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As for her new engagement ring, the Bachelorette star says it’s “very beautiful” — we hope it’s bigger and better than the one she got when she was briefly engaged to Arie.

The Bachelorette premiere begins at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, May 28.