Is Peter Kraus The Bachelor 2018? Maybe!


Peter Kraus wasn’t sure he wanted to become the next Bachelor star but maybe something changed his mind. Hottest Bachelor ever?

For weeks, we have been waiting patiently for Chris Harrison to introduce the next Bachelor star. Although Peter reportedly turned down an initial offer to hand out roses, he may have come  to his senses. Or at least we are hopeful that he will soon start filming the 22nd season of ABC popular reality dating show.

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Although the show’s creator, Mike Fleiss has been sending out mixed messages about the Bachelor’s identity, Reality Steve states that Peter will be gracing our TV screens in January.

Filming starts in two weeks

Last week, blogger Reality Steve said he was “confident” Peter got the gig.

“I feel confident in reporting that sources are telling me Peter is the next Bachelor & it will be announced soon.” Keep in mind, Steve has been wrong before. However, he’s been spot-on about so many major spoilers, we’re certain he wouldn’t make this announcement without a solid source.

Clearly, producers have been playing this whole thing up to confuse fans. Two weeks ago, the show’s creator, Mike Fleiss tweeted that they didn’t want to “cast a guy who can’t commit.”

There was even a canceled intro on Good Morning America that made everyone wonder if Peter backed out of the gig. Mike Fleiss continues to drop clues that has everyone wondering….

Is Peter is definitely the next Bachelor?

Clearly, Mike Fleiss wants to make the reveal a really big deal. He even went so far as to tweet that Peter “probably” won’t be the next Bachelor.

Hours later, he started dropping hints about ABC’s next leading man.

Peter is indeed younger than Nick — by a few years.

Peter is also taller than host Chris Harrison….

We didn’t believe for one minute that they would stop pursuing Peter as the next Bachelor. He’s extremely popular and easy on the eyes.

And he has a lot of common sense. We can picture him giving out a promise ring on the finale instead of an engagement ring. It makes sense not to get engaged after going on 2-3 brief dates with cameras rolling, doesn’t it?

But we’re still not 100 certain that he said, “yes” to the gig.

As far as this clue from Fleiss’s clues goe, Peter said he was falling in love with Rachel, he didn’t say he was IN love.

We are really overthinking things….

If Steve is correct and Peter did indeed get the gig, we may see the most sensible Bachelor in the history of the show.

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The big reveal

It’s not clear when Peter will be introduced, but it won’t be long. For now, we’ll have to put up with Mike Fleiss’ foolish tweets.

If the big reveal isn’t done on the September 11 Paradise reunion, perhaps ABC will once again make the reveal on during the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Would you like to see Peter Kraus hand out roses as the 2018 Bachelor?

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