Peter Kraus turns down ‘Bachelor’ gig, Dean or Wells handing out roses in 2018?


Peter Kraus wasn’t ready to get engaged on the Bachelorette and now there’s word he’s turned down the Bachelor gig. Team Peter is crushed, but what about Team Wells? Or Team Dean?

Peter Kraus may be smarter than we think. While everyone’s buzzing about him becoming the next Bachelor star, he’s busy building his fitness business and showing off his (sexy) gray hair. And when Bachelor franchise creator Mike Fleiss hinted on Twitter that they don’t want to cast a guy who can’t commit, fans immediately assumed producers turned Peter down.

It turns out it’s the other way around. Peter apparently said, “No!” when producers begged asked him to become the Bachelor 2018. Clearly being turned down buy a guy who has a huge fan following was a blow – after all, Peter would be ratings gold. Now it looks like we’re not going to see Peter hand out roses. Is that why producers didn’t allow Wells Adams date while he was in Paradise? Or did they tell Dean to break Kristina’s heart just in case he gets the gig?

Did Fleiss spin the story?

Last week, People magazine’s source said Peter is on Mike Fleiss‘ “sh*t list” because he didn’t cave when producers tried to get him to propose to Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. He stood his ground and we applaud Peter for that. Being pushed into a quickie engagement is foolish.

However, we don’t believe for ONE MINUTE Fleiss said, “NO” to giving Peter the Bachelor gig. No way. No how. Most fans will watch the show even if they are concerned about Peter having commitment issues. (He actually has common sense!)

Blogger Reality Steve confirmed what we’re thinking. Mike Fleiss is probably not used to being turned down.

“They absolutely want Peter as the Bachelor,” Steve tweeted last week. “Hearing he told them no. Now they’re leaking stuff to People, pretending they never wanted him in the first place. BS. They want him, he said no apparently, & now they turn the narrative…”

Can’t you say, ‘backup plan’?

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Can you think of anyone from Rachel’s season who would make a fantastic Bachelor other than Peter? We can’t either. But there’s no doubt producers have a Plan B.

DEAN UNGLERT: Eh, he’s too young. He also told producers he went on Bachelor in Paradise to “date around.” (He followed through on that by creating a love triangle!).

Ready for marriage? Nah. But it won’t shock anyone if producers cast him as the next Bachelor if they can’t get Peter to change his mind.

WELLS ADAMS: What about Wells? He’s tending bar on Bachelor in Paradise but he won’t go on any dates. So, there’s no chance he’ll ditch someone during the finale so he can take the Bachelor gig (like Nick Viall did with Jen Saviano). Wells would be entertaining to watch, that’s for sure.

We’re not quite sure when Chris Harrison will introduce the next Bachelor, but we assume it will happen on September 12 during the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show.

And then there’s Eric Bigger. We think he’d be a fantastic Bachelor but he needs to fall in love a few times before he gets the gig. See ‘ya in 2019, Eric?

Do you think Mike Fleiss will be able to talk Peter into becoming the next Bachelor? Will Peter change his mind? We’re on #BachelorWatch 24/7.

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