Bachelor in Paradise reunion: Dean slammed by DLo, Kristina reveals heartbreaking news


The Bachelor in Paradise reunion was taped last week. DLo and Kristina didn’t hold back when Dean Unglert was in the hot seat.

The fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise will come to a close on September 11. The reunion was taped last week and Dean became a human dart board when he was called up into the hot seat. Bottom line — DLo gets ticked off and Dean won’t be able to apologize enough for hurting Kristina. [Spoilers ahead]

Here’s what to expect when the Bachelor in Paradise reunion airs next week, including some information that makes us feel even worse for Kristina than we already do.

Everyone from this season, including Corinne and DeMario, will appear on the reunion show. Some will be in the audience, others will be in the hot seat.

And rest assured, Dean’s seat will be extra hot.

Not because he’s reasonably good looking … because he played two women during AND after filming.

DLo puts Dean in his place

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Let’s start with what happened between Dean and DLo on the season finale and then we’ll move on to the hot mess known as the Bachelor in Paradise reunion.

When Kristina left Paradise, Dean decided to stay. However, when Chris Harrison offered Dean and DLo a key to the fantasy suite during the finale, Dean said, “no.”

Spoilers indicate Dean told DLo he was in love with Kristina and they both left the show separately.

At least that’s what fans were led to believe.

During the Bachelor in Paradise reunion, DLo makes it clear she wasn’t happy when Dean told her he was in love with Kristina.

DLo revealed she spent the night with Dean in Mexico once they were off the show.

And then she made it clear they were together numerous times once they returned home.

And it gets worse….

Kristina had no idea

Reality Steve states that Kristina also confronted Dean during the reunion show. Apparently, he reached out to her after filming wrapped and they spent time together. Little did she know, he was also dating DLo once he returned from Mexico.

Kristina revealed that she had no clue he was seeing both girls until she saw photos of Dean and DLo pop up on Twitter.

Dean took all the blame and asked fans not to blame DLo or Kristina for his actions.

And we’re not sure if he’s dating either girl now, but he did post this pic on Instagram after the reunion was taped.

Chances are, Dean is single and we’re not shocked. One check of his Instagram feed and you’ll see he’s having a great time with his other Bachelor franchise friends — Ashley I., Jared, Luke Pell, Ben H., and Becca Tilley. Kristina didn’t join them during their recent trip to Lake Tahoe so it looks like things didn’t work out.

Watch the Bachelor in Paradise finale and reunion show on September 11 at 8 p.m. ET.