Peter won’t be the next Bachelor per Mike Fleiss —what happened?


Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss made an announcement about Peter Kraus that has everyone confused. Was he making a joke or is this the real deal?

We don’t know what to believe anymore. Mike Fleiss has been teasing fans about the identity of the next Bachelor for more than a week. Now he states Peter won’t be the next Bachelor. Actually, he said “probably won’t be” so there’s a chance this yet another misleading tweet.

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On Wednesday afternoon, Fleiss tweeted, “Unfortunately, Peter probably will not be The Bachelor.” At this point, no one believes anything Fleiss says — he is trying to create hype so fans will continue to talk about it. Here’s what we know — don’t freak out just yet.

Last week, many fans saw Good Morning America‘s tweet that stated the Bachelor reveal would take place on September 1. Minutes later, the tweet was deleted.

Fleiss tries to throw fans off course — again!

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Mike Fleiss won’t let up when it comes to stirring up rumors about who the next Bachelor will be. He know who it is but he’s playing the whole thing up.

He even went so far as to hint that Josh Murray could be ABC’s next leading man. That’s a joke. And he ruled out Dean and Wells — that’s not a big surprise.

Despite Mike’s non-stop polls and ridiculous tweets, blogger Reality Steve states that he hasn’t heard anything that would indicate Peter is out. His sources still maintain that Peter is the next Bachelor. We agree.

“From all that I’ve been told it’s Peter and I have no idea what the hold up is, if any,” Steve explained on his blog on Wednesday. “Maybe they have some giant trick up their sleeve … They might just be wanting to wait to build suspense. I don’t think it’s anything to do with contracts or something like that because I heard that was done. Just milking this for as long as they can is my guess.”

Mike Fleiss is creating unnecessary hype

Perhaps Fleiss needs to create some hype around the Bachelor announcement to wake everyone up from an extremely boring season of Bachelor in Paradise.

And don’t forget, there’s a good chance Mike isn’t pleased about spoilers. Once Reality Steve announced Peter as the next Bachelor, Fleiss started tweeting about other possible leads for the gig, putting doubt in the minds of Bachelor fans.

We have no idea what the truth is at this point. But we are reasonably confident that Fleiss is just trying to get Bachelor Nation riled up.

We’re counting on Peter showing up at the Bachelor mansion in January until we hear otherwise.

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