‘The Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay’s dog chaperones first one-on-one date

Rachel, Peter, and Copper
Rachel, Peter, and Copper /

Rachel Lindsay’s dog, Copper gives the sniff test to the Bachelorette star’s guys this season, including the lucky guy who scores the first one-on-one date.

After eliminating eight guys on the Bachelorette premiere, Rachel Lindsay kicks off Week 2 with the first round of dates. The two group dates stir up some drama, but it’s the first one-on-one date of the season that will have fans giving their stamp of approval. At least when it comes to Rachel’s sidekick, her sweet dog Copper.

Copper will get a starring role this week. According to ABC, Rachel’s dog will join her on a date to a dog party in Palm Springs. Who’s the lucky guy who gets to tag along? The same guy who was first to step out of the limo on the season premiere — Peter Kraus.

Peter didn’t get the first kiss of the season last week. But we’re counting on the handsome Wisconsin personal trainer to get the romance started during his first date with Rachel. That’s if Copper approves.

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According to ABC, Rachel, Peter, and Copper will fly from Los Angeles to Palm Springs to attend the “Bark Fest” event. It’s described as a big pool party for dogs — sounds like a blast.

Nothing proves that you’re into your date more than showing your love for dozens of soaking wet dogs. And if Peter’s not a dog lover, his potential love connection with Rachel may take a turn for the worse.

But from the looks of this season’s preview video (below), Peter does really well with the dogs. And with Rachel. The sneak peek shows Peter on future dates (spoilers in link), so let’s just say he’s not going home anytime soon.

Let’s just assume Peter gets a rose on Monday night’s one-on-one date. ABC teases that, after the doggie fest, they will enjoy a romantic dinner (no one will eat) and “connect over their past heartbreaks.” And cue the first fireworks display of the season that will lead to a make-out session.

Let’s just hope Peter doesn’t eat Rachel’s face the way Bryan Abasolo did on night one. Let’s watch that again just because it was pretty sloppy.

Watch the second episode of The Bachelorette at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, May 29 on ABC.

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