Reality Steve finally reveals The Golden Bachelor winner (And the spoiler might surprise you!)

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ABC’s new dating show The Golden Bachelor has been a pleasant surprise for viewers. After years and years of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise entertaining us throughout the seasons, we finally got a new series that might actually stick. The show follows 72-year-old Gerry Turner who is looking for love again after losing his wife. All of the contestants are over the age of 60, and the show has proved to be incredibly wholesome and sweet.

Unlike the other shows in the ABC dating franchise, the spoiler of who wins the first season of The Golden Bachelor has been unknown… until this morning. Usually, TV guru Reality Steve gathers all of the biggest spoilers of the season and sometimes, we even know the winner ahead of the first episode premiering. That wasn’t the case for Gerry’s season, though. We’ve been waiting for what feels like forever to find out who wins his final rose.

Warning: MAJOR spoilers for The Golden Bachelor ahead!

Well, Reality Steve tweeted out the sought-after spoiler on Tuesday, Nov. 21, and I already know the answer will surprise a lot of people. According to him, Theresa Nist is the final contestant that Gerry chooses in the end.

At this point in the show, we only have one more episode left and Gerry has Theresa and Leslie Fhima left. He’s said that he loves both ladies and seems incredibly torn. During the Nov. 16 episode, he went to the Fantasy Suites with both and seemingly slept with both.

Why we’re surprised Gerry chooses Theresa in the end

Though Theresa seems like a wonderful woman who genuinely loves Gerry to death, we can’t help but be surprised she’s who wins in the end. That’s because we’ve seen so many clues that had us — and many other fans  — thinking he would pick Leslie! Some of those clues include a piece of insight from a pickleball coach who appeared on the show, who said she thought Gerry would choose Leslie, along with a suspicious TikTok from Leslie that had fans convinced they heard Gerry’s voice in the background. People also believed they could see Leslie in the back of a Zoom call interview Gerry participated in.

The finale next week is sure to be an emotional one as Gerry seems to break down in the preview, having to choose between the two women. Both Theresa and Leslie are great people and they’re both ready to settle down with Gerry. But of course, he can only end up with one of them in the end. At this time, Reality Steve has not confirmed whether or not Gerry and Theresa get engaged. It’s always possible they could leave the show as a couple. We’ll find out on Nov. 30 during the two-hour finale.

What are your thoughts on the winner spoiler? We know tears will be flowing next week, and we’re not ready to see Leslie get her heart broken! Keep up with us at Accept This Rose for our continued coverage of The Golden Bachelor. As reported by Hidden Remote, we already know a second season is happening!

Don’t miss The Golden Bachelor season 1 finale on Thursday, Nov. 30. The reality show is taking a break this week for Thanksgiving.

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