‘Bachelorette’ Rachel’s final pick isn’t who you think it is — we’re crying

rachel lindsay bachelorette guys
rachel lindsay bachelorette guys /

Bachelorette final rose spoilers aren’t always right, and this season Reality Steve has confessed that he was wrong about Rachel’s final pick.

What a mess. As if the Bachelorette isn’t crazy enough with the DeMario Jackson’s girlfriend drama and Lucas “Whabooming” all over the mansion, we now have to deal with the fact that the final rose spoilers are wrong.

That means we have to stop dreaming up names for Rachel and Peter’s babies because their wedding isn’t to happen. Mostly because they aren’t engaged. Did we just ruin your Monday? Sorry about that.

It’s true. Reality Steve revealed that he messed up the finale spoilers. Ugh.

Rachel has already let fans know that she’s in love and engaged to the man of her dreams, so there’s no question that she’s engaged. But who did she pick and why did she break Peter’s heart?

We were all sending each other heart-emojis about Rachel and Peter. Heck, we were imagining their cute engagement pics, their wedding with Copper as the ring bearer, and their first child — a cutie with the gap-toothed smile.

So, here’s the kicker. Reality Steve changed his tune and now has confirmed that Rachel is engaged to Dr. Bryan Abasolo. You know, the guy who almost sucked Rachel’s face off on the season premiere?

"“The same source that told me JoJo was engaged to Jordan is the one who told me this one. They originally told me she was engaged to Peter but after I was told earlier last week from a different source that the spoiler was wrong, I had this source who told me it was Peter look into it, and they stand corrected. She is engaged to Bryan.”"

Okay, it’s just a TV show, but we’re totally invested. Bachelorette Mondays are what life’s all about, right?

Of course, we’re really happy for Rachel. She’s going to have someone who can adjust her spine (he’s a chiropractor) for as long as they stay together. And she obviously likes his kissing techniques, so it must be true love.

And there is a bright side to all of this “OMG! Rachel and Peter were perfect together” complaining we’re doing. There’s a good chance he’ll be the next Bachelor, so let’s start celebrating now.

Pour the wine, grabs some snacks — The Bachelorette starts at  8 p.m. ET tonight!