‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers Week 2: Who does Rachel send home tonight?

rachel lindsay bachelorette engaged
rachel lindsay bachelorette engaged /

Who does Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay send home on Episode 2 and who will move on to the next round of dates?

Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is starting to weed out the guys who aren’t husband material. Week 2 will end with the always annoying “to be continued,” so that means the rose ceremony won’t air ’til next week. If you can’t wait to find out, we have the scoop about the four guys who will end their stay at the Bachelor mansion.

Last week, Rachel sent home eight guys. The Week 2 eliminations will take place after the first two group dates and the one-on-one date. And remember, the rose ceremony elimination won’t be shown until Episode 3 on June 5.

Dates, dates, and more dates

One thing is for sure – Peter Kraus is sticking around awhile. He made a love connection on the first one-on-one date. Even Rachel’s dog Copper loved him. Heck, we love him. He steers clear of the drama, he doesn’t scream “Whaboom,” and he’s easy on the eyes.

The group dates included a few celebrities. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis judged a parenting obstacle course on one group date.

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jaabar made an appearance during the basketball group date. The dates were pretty uneventful until the DeMario’s girlfriend showed up.

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Yep, she was scrolling angrily through her text messages and calling him out for going on the show.

Eye roll.

Personally, I think she knew and was counting on lots of dolla-dolla bills coming in when DeMario became Bachelor-famous.

There’s no doubt he’d follow in the footsteps of other guys and gals in the Bachelor/Bachelorette family who promote teeth whitener and skinny tea on Instagram.

Does anyone else think the girlfriend thing was staged? I’m just not buying it.

Second rose ceremony, four guys head home

As mentioned previously, we won’t see this week’s rose ceremony until next week (Episode 3, June 5). Mostly because the producers like to torture fans.

Here’s what we know as far as eliminations go…

Rachel sends DeMario home because she’s smart. And she doesn’t want to be anyone’s side dish. She doesn’t wait for the rose ceremony. You go, girl.

According to Reality Steve, DeMario isn’t the only one going home. Blake E., Lucas “Whaboom,” and Jamey leave the show during the rose ceremony. No big loss there.

Which one of these guys will show up in Paradise this summer? We’ve had enough “Whaboom” for a lifetime, but don’t put it past producers add him to the Season 4 cast.

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