‘Bachelorette’ contestant DeMario Jackson’s girlfriend shows up, Rachel reacts

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Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay’s friends warned her about contestant DeMario Jackson and she’ll understand why when his girlfriend shows up on week 2.

Rachel Lindsay may be on a journey to find love, but there’s plenty of drama along the way. ABC’s latest video preview (below) shows contestant DeMario Jackson’s girlfriend showing up to claim her man. Or tell him off — we’re not sure. At any rate, Rachel shouldn’t be shocked. She was warned about DeMario by more than one of her pals from Nick’s season of the Bachelor.

The video clip below shows a woman scorned Jackson’s girlfriend rattling off texts that he recently sent her. She claims they are still in a relationship and he didn’t tell her he was going to film a reality TV dating show. Oops! It’s so easy to forget little details like that, isn’t it?

Although the preview doesn’t show DeMario, it didn’t take much sleuthing to figure out that he’s the one with the girlfriend. It’s funny — producers don’t want us to know who the guy with the girlfriend is but they allow Rachel to tell the world that she’s engaged. Hmmm…

DeMario gets caught

On the Bachelorette season premiere, Rachel sat down with some of her friends from Nick’s season. They warned her about DiMario but it wasn’t clear why.

According to Reality Steve, the message about DeMario was passed along from Sarah Vendal who also appeared on Nick’s season. Sarah knew him back in college and said that his intentions “may not be pure.”

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Turns out, “not pure” stands for “I have a girlfriend at home.” And that girlfriend didn’t stay home.

She followed him right to the Bachelor mansion and made it clear that DeMario isn’t on the show to find love.

It sure sounds like DeMario Jackson is in big trouble. Of course, he’ll try to worm his way out of the situation and convince Rachel that she’s just his crazy ex.

However, Rachel is one smart cookie. She won’t buy what he’s selling.

Spoiler alert

Reality Steve states that Rachel send DeMario home. Clearly, she’s does not need a “here for the wrong reasons” type of guy on the show.

Now, the big question is – will DeMario get a pass from producers and earn himself a free ticket to Bachelor in Paradise this summer? Because we all know that once the girlfriend shows up he has zero chance of winning Rachel’s final rose. Paradise sounds like it would be more his speed.

Check out the girlfriend drama at the 2-minute mark in the video below.

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