‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2017 cast already hooking up before filming gets underway

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Filming for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise begins next week and cast hookups are happening before cameras start rolling.

Bachelor in Paradise returns in August and here’s what fans can expect — it’s going to be a hot mess! Next week, the cast and crew will travel to a tropical destination to begin filming the fourth season of ABC’s summer reality dating show. And we use the term “dating” loosely.

Although the complete cast list won’t be confirmed by ABC until shortly before the August 8 premiere, there are plenty of leaks surfacing online. And it’s not just about who’s going to Paradise. It’s about who is hooking up before the cameras start rolling that has us thinking that this will be the most dramatic season EVER.

Fans who follow former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants on social media may notice that many of them have been hanging out together. And they’re not shy when it comes to dropping hints about Paradise.  However, not everyone who is talking about going will make the cut. Producers want contestants who bring the most drama to the show.

After all, it’s not really about love, is it?

Nick and Ben’s girls

You can count on Corinne and Raven to show up in Paradise. Amanda Stanton says she’s not going (hmmmm), but she hinted that her friend Sarah Vendal (Nick’s season) will be there. Other names in the rumor mill include Jasmine Goode, Whitney Fransway, Jasmine Goode, Kristina Shulman, Danielle Maltby, and Danielle Lombard.

And, before we get to the guys, let’s talk about Sarah Vendal for a moment. According to Reality Steve, she has a past with one of the guys who will be on the show and he fully expects Sarah to be there.

Sounds like there might be some drama coming with Sarah and the mystery contestant. Let’s try to figure out who that guy is.

Rachel and JoJo’s guys

Expect to see some familiar faces from JoJo’s season (Chase McNary, Luke Pell, and Robby Hayes, to name a few). And of course, producers will cast the most outspoken and obnoxious guys from Rachel Lindsay’s season.

Assuming they don’t win the final rose (spoiler in link), the following guys may be part of the Bachelor in Paradise cast —Dean Unglert, Kenny Lane, Lucas Whaboom Yancey, Blake Elarbee, and (maybe) DeMario Jackson.

Scoop, scoop

Reality Steve reports that Sarah Vendal knew DiMario before he was cast for Rachel’s season. It’s not clear if they had a relationship or just knew each other casually. Sarah reportedly told Whitney Fransway (Nick’s season) that DiMario’s intentions “may not be pure.”

On next week’s episode (2) of the Bachelorette, fans will see a woman come on the show who claims to be DeMario’s girlfriend.  So, whether DeMario will be on Paradise or not is unknown. Is he the guy Sarah had a fling with or is it someone else?

A blast from the past

And that’s not all. Some blasts from the pasts may show up on the sunny shores of (what we assume will be) Mexico.

Don’t be shocked to see Jef Holm show up – he’s living with two guys who will definitely be part of the Paradise cast — Robby Hayes and Chase McNary. And they frequently hang out with Luke Pell, so there’s that.

Of course, it’s not confirmed by ABC yet, but c’mon now. They’re not making it a big secret. Robby recently sidelined a girl he was dating just in case producers asked him to join the show. Way to go, Robby.

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Other Paradise cast rumors

Some of last season’s contestants may show up including Grant Kemp, Wells Adams, and Vinny Ventiera.

And Chad Johnson? He says he won’t be part of the cast, but you never know!

Who would you like to see on Bachelor in Paradise this summer?

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