Bachelor in Paradise: Chris bashes Tia and Colton on Instagram


Chris Randone’s Bachelor in Paradise redemption tour isn’t going so well. Now the guy who made waves on The Bachelorette is bashing Tia and Colton on Instagram.

Chris Randone is acting like a gossipy girl on Bachelor in Paradise. That’s not exactly an upgrade from his bizarre behavior on Becca’s season of The Bachelorette.

After telling Tia that he was there for her, he completed his quest to kiss a blond (Krystal). Tia confronted him. Chris told her he wasn’t interested in her anymore. And when Tia went running back to Colton, Chris decided to bash Tia and Colton on Instagram.

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The guy is 30-years-old and he is bashing two contestants on a reality TV show. Let that sink in for a moment.

It’s one thing to talk smack when you’re ON the show (producers love when that happens), but to go on social media to bash people weeks after filming wrapped up? Gross.

Chris questions Tia & Colton’s relationship

Here’s what Chris said on Instagram … and then I’ll follow up with news about his journey to find love.

Late last week, Chris posted a photo of himself (of course) staring off into the distance, channeling Jordan’s pensive look.

His caption was all about Tia and Colton, which is really weird since he told Tia he was no longer interested in her.

“Sitting here before tonight’s episode thinking, Tia and Colton’s relationship reminds me of a phone with no service. When there’s no service, you play games. For me, tonight I decide if I want to stay on this wireless bill with potential penalties and fees or transfer to a better plan that suits me long term.”

NOTE — Chris has since removed this post from Instagram.

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Both Colton and Tia responded, and they were rather restrained with their responses. There’s no doubt they will say more during the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show.

Is Chris un-happy with how things turned out for him in Paradise?


Chris pretended to be there for Tia, then he changed his mind. That’s okay — that happens frequently in Paradise.

But, why go on Instagram and talk crap about Tia and Colton? For attention? Or is he disappointed with the outcome of his journey to find love?

According to Reality Steve, Chris proposed to Krystal on the Paradise season finale — she apparently said, “yes.”

His post doesn’t make sense unless things didn’t work out after filming wrapped. We won’t find out if they are still engaged until the reunion show in September, but it’s a little odd that he’s spending his time posting negative things about his castmates …

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