Bachelor in Paradise week 3 spoilers: Tia and Colton’s yo-yo relationship continues


It’s the third week of Bachelor in Paradise and the focus is still on Tia and Colton’s off-again, on-again relationship. Move on, already!

It’s been the Tia and Colton show since Bachelor in Paradise premiered on August 7. It’s hard to believe there are other contestants on the show. Frankly, we think producers put Chris in the mix to add to the drama. We’re over it!

During this week’s episodes of Tia and Colton’s Dysfunctional Relationship, Paradise fans will see Tia call Chris out for kissing Krystal. Then Colton will comfort her because he’s all about giving her false hope. Here’s what to expect this week, with some spoilers about the outcome of the Tia-Colton-Chris-Krystal quadrangle. [Spoilers ahead]

This is awkward

For some reason, Colton decided to tell Tia that Chris kissed Krystal. She probably would have found out on her own, but, of course, Colton needed to be the beacon of bad news.

Let’s face it — Tia wasn’t really into Chris. Maybe she thought she was moving on, but she wasn’t. Chris was just someone to hang out with while Colton tried to figure out if he came to Paradise to find love or fame.

During Monday night’s episode (Aug. 20), Tia confronts Chris. Krystal stops by to throw glitter all over everyone. Tia quickly forgets about Chris who is now totally into KrystalAH-Mazing. 

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Colton is still confused

Colton likes Tia but not in the “I want to marry you” kinda way. He’ll continue to lead her in all different directions, though.

This week, a new girl will arrive with a date card.

She’ll have a conversation with Colton, something that will make Tia have another breakdown. She is worried Colton will go on a date.

Although Colton has been telling Tia she’s free to roam around Paradise and find herself a new man, she’s holding out hope that they’ll leave Paradise engaged.

Colton and Tia go on another date

We’re not sure if this happens this week, but, Tia’s friend, Raven Gates and her boyfriend, Adam Gottschalk will make an appearance on the show and go on a double date with Colton and Tia.

Of course, Tia will think that she finally snagged her guy..

Does Colton propose to Tia?

Seven couples make it to the Bachelor in Paradise season finale, but only two couples get engaged.

Clearly, Colton isn’t ready for a relationship, never mind an engagement. According to Reality Steve, both Colton and Tia leave before the finale. Not sure which week they leave, but they do not leave as a couple.

Considering they both “like” each others posts on social media, it’s a safe bet to say they parted as friends, but they did not get engaged and are not currently dating.

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We’ll find out more when the Bachelor in Paradise reunion airs, but we’re fairly sure Col-Tia will not become a couple.