Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Chris Randone finds love in Paradise


After a rather dramatic exit on the Bachelorette, Chris Randone is trying to redeem himself on Bachelor in Paradise.

Chris Randone’s exit from the Bachelorette was totally awkward, but that doesn’t mean the 30-year-old entrepreneur doesn’t deserve a second chance at finding love on Bachelor in Paradise.

He was just a tad bit aggressive in his pursuit of Becca Kufrin’s final rose — we all know how that worked out for him. Now that he’s in Paradise, time will tell if Chris’ cringeworthy behavior is a thing of the past. Can’t wait to find out if Chris finds love?! Spoilers ahead…

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During the Bachelor in Paradise premiere, Chris went on a date with Tia Booth. Although there seemed to be a few sparks between them, Chris was just a temporary distraction for Tia while she waited for Colton to arrive.

As soon as Colton arrived in Paradise, Tia completely forgot about her date with Chris.

Quit while you’re ahead, Chris!

Unfortunately, Chris’ love of winning is going to come back to bite him. Instead of pursuing other girls in Paradise, he focuses on Tia even though she is obsessed with Colton.

During the second episode of Bachelor in Paradise, things heat up between Chris and Colton.

Chris makes it his business to start talking about Colton, and the former NFL player is happy about it.

Colton finds out that a few of the guys, including Chris, have been talking about him and approaches them during episode 2. He makes it clear that he everyone to keep his name out of their mouths — be we all know that’s not going to happen.

“Why would girls want to date Colton if he still has something for Tia, and Tia is here as well?” Chris asks Bibiana and a few other contestants who are gathered around the bar (video below). “That makes it awkward on both sides.”

Bibiana chimes in, “I think a lot of us would be really okay with seeing Colton go.” She goes on to advise Chris to date other girls, telling him, “we don’t want to see you go.”

In other words, Bibiana knows there’s a good chance Chris will leave during the first rose ceremony if he doesn’t find someone else to give him a rose — and it’s not coming from Tia.

Will Chris give up his quest to win Tia over?

Although it appears that there will be some drama between Colton and Chris, it will soon blow over. Or, at the very least, Chris gets smart and takes Bibiana’s advice and distances himself from the whole mess.

Smart move, Chris!

Does Chris find love in Paradise?

Yes, indeed, but not with Tia! According to Reality Steve, Chris is one of eight contestants who spend the night in the fantasy suite this season. And yes, he get engaged!

That’s right — Chris gets down on one knee and proposes during the finale. He’s not the only one — two couples get engaged this season.

If the spoilers are correct, Chris is currently engaged to Krystal Nielson (Arie’s season). Will they make it to the altar? Time will tell!

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