When is the Bachelor in Paradise finale? 7 couples make it to the final rose ceremony


Seven couples will make it to the Bachelor in Paradise final rose ceremony, but only four couples will spend the night in the Fantasy Suite.

There are a total of 35 guys and girls who are looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise this season, but not all of them will find love.  But, rest assured, there will be a happy ending for several contestants who make it to the season finale.

So, when does this season of Paradise end? Here’s the scoop, as well as a look at who will come (and go) this season, who makes it to the finale, and who gets engaged in Paradise. [Spoilers ahead, obviously!]

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When is the Paradise finale?

Bachelor in Paradise runs for six weeks, with two episodes airing every Monday and Tuesday night. Last season, the finale/reunion aired on Monday, September 11.

Although ABC has not confirmed the finale date yet, Monday, September 10 would mark the 6th week this season, we expect the finale and reunion show to air on the 10th, or Tuesday, September 11.

Who makes it to the finale?

The fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise started out with 20 contestants — 15 additional guys and girls will show up throughout the season.

Click here for a full list of contestants

Seven couples will make it to the final rose ceremony. Only four couples choose to spend the night in the fantasy suite. Two couples will leave the show engaged.

According to Reality Steve, Kendall and Joe will break up before the rose ceremony. Rumor has it they are still seeing each other, but time will tell how long that lasts.

Steve’s spoilers point to the following couples making it through the final rose ceremony:

  • Astrid and Kevin
  • Olivia and John
  • Cassandra and Jordan
  • Annaliese and Kamil
  • Krystal and Chris
  • Jenna and Jordan
  • Shushanna and Robby

Who spent the night in the Fantasy Suite?

Kevin and Astrid decided to break up — maybe Kevin was hoping he’d be considered for the next Bachelor? (no thanks!)

Robby and Shushanna left the show as friends — considering Robby arrives on the final episode, they did the right thing.

Cassandra and Jordan leave the show as pals, too … it’s a long commute to New Zealand, so that was a good call.

Steve‘s spoilers indicate that the following couples spend the night together in the Fantasy Suite:

Who gets engaged?

Of course there HAS to be at least one engagement, but the big question is, will either of these couples make it to the altar?

Jordan and Jenna, and Chris and Krystal are currently engaged. Can’t wait to find out how “in love” they are  when the reunion show airs in September. Okay, I’m a skeptic…

We’ll also get updates on Kamil and Annaliese, and John and Olivia. Will we see another engagement on the reunion show? Stay tuned…

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Watch Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.