Bachelorette Becca shows up in Paradise, Colton has a breakdown


Bachelorette Becca Kufrin is engaged to Garrett Yrigoyen, but that didn’t stop her from heading to Bachelor in Paradise to talk to Colton Underwood.

Newly-engaged Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin arrives in Paradise on Week 2, something that will add even more drama to Colton and Tia’s relationship.

Becca will appear on both Monday and Tuesday’s episodes (August 13 – 14), but she’s not there to win Colton back. However, her conversation with Becca will force him to make a decision about his relationship with Tia. And there’s more…

Becca’s back

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Keep in mind, Bachelor in Paradise was filmed when the Bachelorette was still airing, but Becca was already engaged to Garrett. They got engaged in the Maldives in early May, weeks before Paradise started filming.

Some fans may see Becca arrive in Paradise and think she has second thoughts about her breakup with Colton, but that’s not the case.

The whole Becca-Colton thing will play out on both Monday and Tuesday’s episodes.

According to ABC, Becca’s first stop is on Monday night (August 13) when Becca “pays a visit to her girlfriends.”

In other words, she’s there to see what’s happening with Tia and Colton.

After all, we all know Tia is part of the reason Becca send Colton home after their hometown date. If Tia didn’t show up to say she still had feelings for Colton, we’re pretty sure he would have made it to the overnight dates.

Colton has a breakdown

Becca’s visit comes shortly after Colton returns from his date with Tia, a date that wasn’t all that romantic. Colton was clearly confused about his feelings, something ABC says leads to a “major breakdown.”

“After only recently telling her [Becca] that he loved her, this conflicted contender realizes just how confused he is, resulting in a major breakdown.”

His breakdown isn’t about Becca, folks. Clearly, he isn’t into Tia and wants to date other people in Paradise, but he can’t figure out how to man up and tell her.

Becca will talk to Colton during Tuesday’s episode (August 14) and help him sort out his feelings. Because every guy needs counseling from a girl he was recently “in love” with, right?

Wondering how things turn out with Colton and Tia? Here’s a spoiler about their Bachelor in Paradise relationship…

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