Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Two controversial couples get engaged

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Bachelor in Paradise is going to be a hot mess this season. Expect a full serving of drama with side of love — Paradise style.

Get your popcorn (wine) ready — this season is going to be a doozy. It’s time for another season of Bachelor in Paradise!

The video below shows just about everyone crying. But, rest assured there will be a few love stories, including two engagements. Keep in mind, filming took less than three weeks, so we’re just a little skeptical about anyone who professes their “forever love” in Paradise. SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Granted, the show has produced a few couples who are now married with children — Jade and Tanner, and Evan and Carly come to mind.

But, this season seems to be filled with people who are looking to grow their following on Instagram (or promote their businesses), so the whole love thing doesn’t seem quite as authentic.

Seven couples make it to the Paradise finale

This season, fans will see 35 former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants show up in Paradise looking for fame love.

See the full cast list here, including 18 contestants who show up after the first episode. 

According to Reality Steve, seven couples make it to the finale. Four couples grab the Fantasy Suite key from Chris Harrison and spend the night together. The remaining three couples leave as friends — smart move.

The four couples who spend the night together are:

Who gets engaged in Paradise?

There are a few villains on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. Sure enough, a few of them get engaged.

But first…let’s watch everyone cry because spending a few weeks on a beach is so tough..

Spoilers reveal that Jordan and Chris get free Neil Lane rings to give to the women the fall n love (ahem) with. Jordan is reportedly engaged to Jenna, and Chris is engaged to Krystal.

Jordan is in love with himself (we’re okay with that), so it’s hard to believe he is ready to get married. Then again, Jenna is a model/social media something-or-other, so maybe they are teaming up so they can get more modeling contracts? Who knows — we’re just speculating.

Chris, who tried to convince Becca he was the guy for her just a few months ago. Now he’s reportedly engaged to Krystal, who may or may not redeem herself after her less than savory antics on Arie’s season.

Next. Jordan is engaged — seriously!?. dark

Watch Bachelor in Paradise premiere on Tuesday, August 7. The show will air on Monday and Tuesday nights starting August 13.