Bachelorette Becca says Garrett didn’t get the first kiss on night one

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If you think Bachelorette contestant Garrett got the first kiss of the season, guess again. Becca says she locked lips with another contestant before she kissed Garrett.

When Becca gave Garrett the first impression rose — and a kiss — on the Bachelorette premiere, everyone assumes he was the first guy she kissed.

Becca is now setting the record straight about the guy who she kissed on night one. And here’s the shocker — it’s someone who’s been flying under the radar all season.

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It’s been a few weeks since the season premiere. We’ve completely forgotten most of the guys who have gone home so far — except Grocery Store Joe, of course.

And no, Joe didn’t get Becca’s first kiss. Maybe if she did kiss him he would still be on the show.

Instead, she kissed someone who is still on the show as of Episode 5. And from what we know, he’ll be sticking around a little longer.

During a recent interview with Us Weekly, Becca reveals that her first kiss was with Leo. You know, the guy who has hair like Fabio? Yep, Leo is still on the show in case you weren’t sure.

“First kiss was Leo,” Becca told Us. “Which no one saw!”

We’re not sure why producers decided to cut Leo’s kiss out of the first episode, but he will get a chance to kiss her again on Episode 5.

Here’s a picture just in case they cut that kiss, too!

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How far does Leo make it this season?


Leo kisses Becca during the episode 5 group date and she was totally fine with it. The problem is, she kissed a bunch of other guys, too.

So, a kiss doesn’t mean you get the final rose unless you’re this guy.

Spoilers point to Becca keeping Leo around for two more weeks. That means he won’t make it to the hometown dates, but he makes it to episode 7. Not bad for someone a guy who producers are giving very little air time.

It won’t be the last time we see Leo, by the way! Rumor has it he’s part of the Bachelor in Paradise cast.

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