The Bachelorette weekly rose ceremony elimination spoilers: Who goes home next?

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The Bachelorette Becca Kufrin continues to send guys home each week as she travels around the globe to find a husband. Who’s next on the chopping block?

We’re just weeks away from Bachelorette Becca Kufrin’s final rose ceremony. But first, we must endure the more over-the-top drama created by guys who may or may not be there for the right reasons.

It’s not difficult to figure out who the frontrunners are this season, but many fans are trying to figure out who goes home each week on the episodes that remain. Here’s a look at the elimination order on the upcoming episodes (and air dates) that lead up to a season finale that will be a total cry-fest.

Note – air dates are subject to change.

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There weren’t any shocking eliminations during the first four episodes of the show other than Grocery Store Joe and Clay Harbor’s self-elimination.

We’re fairly certain Joe will show up in Paradise this summer (YAY!). But, there’s word that Clay is going to focus on his real job (NFL player) instead of getting himself involved in Paradise drama. Smart man.

Episode 5 (June 25)

Get ready for a ridiculous 2-on-1 date during this episode. Of course, producers set this one up — Chicken Man David vs Ridiculous Model Jordan. The guys head to Las Vegas and try their best to suck up to Becca so they can continue to travel around the world for free.

Eliminations: According to Reality Steve, both David and Jordan go home during the 2-on-1, but we’re hearing that she keeps Jordan around for a bit and eliminates at the end of the date. Either way, the model is a goner and will probably show up in Paradise. Oh, and John is eliminated during the rose ceremony. (Who’s John?)

Episode 6 (July 2)

Becca and her remaining guys head to Richmond, Virginia (exotic location!) for another round of dates and drama. According to Reality Steve, Chris will leave before the rose ceremony. Connor (who absolutely loves promoting himself on Instagram) and Lincoln (who was recently sentenced for indecent assault and battery), will say their goodbyes during the rose ceremony.

Episode 7 (July 9)

Six guys remain and they all get to go to the Bahamas. Spoilers point to Becca sending Leo (how did he make it to episode 7!?) and Wills (ugh — we love Wills!) home just one week before hometowns.

Episode 8 (July 16) Hometown dates

Is anyone surprised that Becca’s final four guys are Garrett, Colton, Blake, and Jason? She’s had the hots for Garrett since night one, and she keeps one eye on Blake.

Jason isn’t a big surprise either — he has a fun personality and, while he may not be a perfect match, he’s a good candidate for Paradise or, maybe, the next Bachelor.

And Colton? Producers kept him around for the DRAMA. He’s already filming Bachelor in Paradise and was spotted with Tia, so we don’t believe for one minute that he came on the show to find love with Becca.

Rose ceremony elimination: Becca sends Colton home after Tia shows up to claim her man. Shocking.

Episode 9 (July 23) Overnight dates

The overnight dates were filmed in Thailand. Spoilers point to Becca eliminating Jason during the rose ceremony. And we’re all totally surprised that Blake and Garrett are Becca’s final two guys.

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Episode 10 (July 30) Men Tell All

This should be interesting since we can’t remember the names of most of Becca’s guys. Of course, Jordan will make a big deal during this bro-fest. As if we believed he was there to find love. C’mon now.

Season Finale (August 6)

The three-hour finale is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. ET, followed by the live After the Final Rose special. TMZ leaked pics of the finale a few weeks ago — looks like Garrett got Becca’s final rose (another shocker).

If Blake is heartbroken, we imagine he’ll get over it really fast if they pick him to become the next Bachelor.

The Bachelor in Paradise season 5 premiere will air one day after Becca’s finale – August 7. Expect to see a bunch of Becca’s guys in Mexico looking for love/fame.

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