Most of Bachelorette Becca’s guys aren’t worthy of her final rose

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There are very few guys on The Bachelorette who deserve Becca’s final rose. By very few we mean one or two — and that’s being generous.

“Gentlemen, this is the final rose tonight,” Bachelorette host Chris Harrison says before the end of every rose ceremony. The guys who have yet to get a rose from Becca

start crying

panic because they want to stick around another week for free food, free travel, and the chance to increase their follower count on Instagram.

Watching them get overly emotional after spending 45 seconds with The Bachelorette proves only one thing —most of Becca’s guys are bad actors looking for Insta-fame, not love.

Hey, maybe there are one or two guys who actually came on the show to find their soulmate. But, for most of them, it’s hard to believe they are looking for love.

Especially when they are already doing things like pimping out bogus products on Instagram (hey, Jean Blanc) so they can stay relevant after their brief stay on The Bachelorette.

Or they were in legal trouble before they signed a contract with ABC, failed to disclose it on their application, and got sentenced for their crime after filming the show. (Side note — How did ABC not know about this?)

We  know what you did, Lincoln!!

Some of the guys are simply a total mismatch for Becca. Yeah, that’s you, Jordan — pack your bags right now and take your gold underwear with you!

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There’s no doubt some of the guys put on a show so they would be guaranteed a spot on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Seriously, the only guy I want to see in Paradise is Grocery Store Joe.

And Wills. Because we all know Becca won’t pick him in the end. He’s my personal pick for the next Bachelor, so it’s no big deal if she misses out on a good guy who is low on drama.

Speaking of drama … what about Mr. Wrong reasons himself, Colton Underwood?

Yeah, I get it — he runs a charity and posts a lot of shirtless pics on Instagram. No matter what anyone says, he came on the show thinking the Bachelorette was Tia. And he proves it right here. (Spoiler in link)

Colton raised some red flags right away, but Becca went on to keep him around anyway. Or producers told her she had to.

I cringe when Becca says she “trusts” her guys. I spend each episode yelling at my TV trying to give Becca advice. She doesn’t listen. Mostly because the show was taped a few months ago and she can’t hear me.

Becca claims she fell in love with two guys, picked one, got engaged, and she’s super happy. Hope she’s not super happy with a guy who likes questionable posts on Instagram. Not to be a Negative Nancy, but I can’t foresee that working out.

In other news, Blake seems normal. But then again, how much do we really know about the guys who couldn’t find love in the grocery store, at a bar, or on Tinder?

The Bachelorette is not a love story anymore — it’s a popularity contest.

Let’s hope Becca doesn’t end up in Paradise next summer because she gave her rose to someone who ends up breaking her heart.

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