Becca Kufrin talks about Arie’s upcoming appearance on The Bachelorette


Arie Luyendyk will make an appearance on an upcoming episode of The Bachelorette, but his fiancé, Lauren Burnham won’t be there.

It’s been three months since we watch Arie and Becca’s televised breakup, but Bachelorette producers can’t seem to let it go. From smashing things related to her brief relationship with Arie to constantly mentioning her breakup, Becca’s ex seems to be getting more screen time than some of the guys.

Next up? Arie will make an appearance on an upcoming episode of the Bachelorette. Although Becca says it’s a quick visit, why is this even necessary?!

We get it — she was blindsided when Arie dumped her, but they already talked on the After the Final Rose special. And now we have to watch them rehash the whole thing on The Bachelorette? Yuck.

We were relieved to hear Arie’s appearance will be “quick” — mostly because we can’t imagine he has anything left to talk about with Becca.

They went on a few made-for-TV dates, hooked up in the Fantasy Suite, got engaged, and broke up a month later.

Arie and his runner-up, Lauren Burnham are now engaged and are planning their January 2019 wedding.

What’s left to talk about?

Becca explains...sort of.

“He makes a quick appearance” Becca recently told Us Weekly. “I’m not going to give anything away or when it happens, but it’s a conversation that had to happen.”

What? The conversation had to happen?

Why? They already talked about the breakup on the ATFR?! Three months later they have to rehash it?

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Just like their 40-minute “un-edited” (yeah, right) breakup was great for ratings, the hype surrounding Arie’s upcoming appearance on The Bachelorette is once again a way to get fans buzzing about the show.

Dear ABC — we’re already talking about the show!

You know, things like…Garrett’s Instagram controversy … Becca dumping Grocery Store Joe … Jordan’s ridiculousness … Tia and Colton’s relationship

We don’t need a dull conversation between two people who were obviously not meant to be.

We’re not sure which episode Arie will appear on, but rumor has it he will show up around the time she goes on hometown dates with her final four guys.

Can’t wait. (eye roll)

Watch The Bachelorette on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.