Bachelorette Becca goes into a rage over Arie during first date with Blake

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Bachelorette Becca Kufrin says her favorite date this season takes place on week 2, and it isn’t a romantic one. In fact, it’s a little bizarre.

Becca Kufrin will go on her first round of dates during the second episode of the Bachelorette (June 4). I’m not going to get into the first date spoilers here, but can we talk about what Becca says is her favorite date of the season?

One of Becca’s first dates takes place in a rage room. It’s a place where you let out all your frustrations and smash stuff related to your past. Or, in Becca’s case, she totally destroys all kinds of Arie-related memorabilia.

Earlier this week, Becca told Good Morning America one of her first dates is her “favorite date of all time.” It’s not a helicopter date or a picnic where no one eats the food. Instead, Becca will go to a rage room with Blake and “smash everything from the past.”

“So I walked into this warehouse and it’s Arie’s old race car from last season, it’s the proposal playing on a loop on monitors that we can smash. We had sledgehammers, we had baseball bats, we had crow bars — everything. Everything was fair game! It was so fun.”

We thought Becca was over Arie when she took the Bachelorette gig?

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Apparently, Becca needed to go on a date to get past her incredibly brief relationship with the former Bachelor.

Maybe producers thought smashing Arie’s old race car with a crowbar would be entertaining to watch.

Eh, not really.

If Becca is really over Arie, why does his name keep coming up?

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First they had some guy (we can’t remember his name) bring a cardboard Arie to the premiere.

Now they have Becca smashing everything in sight that’s related to Arie — WHILE SHE’S ON A DATE!

The guys don’t want to hear about your ex while you’re on a date, Becca.

Seriously, the engagement lasted a hot minute.

Becca needs to save the rage room for a girls night out, not while she’s trying to find a husband.

Then again … considering one of her frontrunners is under fire for liking some rather controversial Instagram posts, Becca may be smashing things with a crowbar sooner than later.

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