Bachelor week 6 spoilers: Who goes home tonight? Who heads to Italy next week?


The Bachelor Arie Luyendyk travels to Paris on Monday night, but it won’t be the City of Love for three girls who leave without a rose.

If you’ve been waiting for some serious drama this season, don’t miss a minute of The Bachelor on Monday, February 5. Although there won’t be much excitement during the one-on-one dates and the group dates, tonight’s much-anticipated two-on-one date will be worth tuning in for.

Who gets a one-on-one date this week? How does Arie deal with the drama during his group date with Krystal and Kendall? And who does he send home after the cocktail party? Here’s what fans can expect on The Bachelor Episode 6 (January 29), along with a video clip that will give fans a sneak peek at tonight’s episode.

All 10 girls will get a date with Arie this week but only two girls will score a one-on-one date. Although the remaining girls are disappointed they didn’t get to spend the day alone with The Bachelor, 8 of them are thankful they got picked for the group date instead of the dreaded two-on-one.

One-on-One Dates

Lauren B. and Jacqueline both get one-on-ones with Arie this week.

Lauren walks around Luxembourg Gardens all day and gets a rose at the end of the date. Does she tell Arie that she was supposed to get married two months before she joined the Bachelor cast? Tune in to find out.

Jacqueline scores a shopping date with Arie. Wonder if there’s a spending limit on ABC’s credit card? After a day of shopping, Arie gives Jacqueline a rose during dinner. Is anyone else unfamiliar with Jaqueline? She’s definitely flying under the radar this season. Had to look her up …

jacqueline Bachelor Arie
jacqueline Bachelor Arie /

Two-On-One Date

We don’t even need spoilers to tell us that Krystal is on the 2-on-1 date card. Throw in the taxidermy specialist, Kendall, because she’s low on drama. Frankly, we can’t imagine Kendall making it long-term with Arie because she has a lot of personality and Arie is … sorry … boring.

Either way, we’re excited to watch the 2-on-1 date because Krystal is going to be overly confident going into the date, something that will come back to bite her. And no, we’re not being mean — we’re totally against the social media trolls who are saying outlandish things about Krystal.

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There’s no doubt producers helped turn Krystal into this season’s villain, but she played along, so we’re going to see the result of her aggressive whispering tonight. Apparently, Arie has had enough and sends her home. We fully expect to see Krystal this summer on Bachelor in Paradise.

Group Date

Get ready for another group date where the girls have to perform. At least they won’t be throwing each other around in a boxing ring. Spoilers point to Bekah, Jenna, Tia, Chelsea, Seinne, and Becca performing at the Moulin Rouge. It’s not clear who gets the group date rose, but we’re certain it’s someone other than Jenna or Chelsea.

Who goes home tonight?

Krystal leaves during the 2-on-1. After the cocktail party, Arie eliminates Jenna and Chelsea. (Who thought Chelsea would make it to at least hometowns?)

Next week, seven girls (Becca, Bekah, Seinne, Tia, Lauren B, Kendall, and Jacqueline) head to Italy for the last round of dates before the hometown dates episode.