Bachelor Arie’s ex says he’ll ‘never last’ with final pick, claims he called her after filming

One of Arie’s ex-girlfriends claims he called her after he returned from filming The Bachelor, but it’s what he told her parents that has her confused.

Several of Arie Lyundek Jr’s ex-girlfriends have spoken out about the Bachelor star this season, sharing information about his likes and dislikes, and hinting that he’s a bit of a playboy. Although Arie claims he wants to settle down and get married, what one girl has to say has us questioning his true intentions.

Giustina Lee, 29, says she dated Arie for four years and broke up a few weeks before he started filming the Bachelor. The kicker? He didn’t tell her he got the gig, but reportedly told her parents he wished Giustina was a contestant on the show.

There’s no doubt that Giustina and Arie spent time together in the past — there are plenty of social media pics to prove that. Keep in mind, this is just a one-sided story with no input from Arie.

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Giustina tells In Touch Weekly she dated Arie between August 2013 and August 2017. Of note, another woman, Sydney Stempfley tells ET she dated Arie from January 2016 – July 2017. (Syndey lived near Arie in Scottsdale, Giustina lived in Vegas.)

Other women aside, Giustina claims Arie traveled to her home in Las Vegas a few weeks before he started filming the Bachelor.

“We went to dinner with my mom and my roommate, and we were just cuddling and winking at each other, and touching thighs underneath the tablecloth,” Giustina tells In Touch. She went on to say they slept together that weekend.

Not long after their weekend in Vegas, Giustina says her mother told her Arie was named the 2018 Bachelor. She immediately blocked him on social media so he couldn’t contact her, but he still had her phone number.

After filming wrapped, Arie reportedly ran into Giustina’s parents and told them he wished their daughter showed up as a contestant on the Bachelor. 

In late December, right before the Bachelor premiere aired on ABC, Giustina claims Arie called her, but she did not answer her phone.

“I was so pissed off, so of course I didn’t answer,” she tells In Touch. “I almost called him back, but I just ignored it.”

Although Giustina says she still hasn’t talked to Arie, she wonders why he wanted her to appear on the Bachelor.

“I don’t know if he wanted me to show up to add drama or because he wanted to marry me. I don’t know. We’ll never know.”

If he was interested in Giustina, why did he take the Bachelor gig? She claims he’s “in it for the fame” and he’s “confused about what true love is.”

And how does she feel about the girl he ends up with? “It’ll never last.”

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