Bachelor in Paradise: Did Corinne tell the truth? What medication did she take?


Corinne Olympios claims she mixed medication with alcohol while filming Bachelor in Paradise. Did producers know?

Two months ago, Corinne Olympios claimed she was “a victim” when allegations of sexual misconduct caused production to shut down on the set of Bachelor in Paradise. On Tuesday night, Corinne talked to host Chris Harrison about her experience on the show.

During the interview, Corinne claimed she couldn’t remember much about her romp with contestant DeMario Jackson because she combined medication with alcohol. (But she remembered enough to state she was a “victim” after production shut down.) What medication was Corinne taking and why didn’t producers know? Or did they?

Corinne gives vague answers

Corinne appeared to be extremely nervous during her sit-down with Chris Harrison. Although the long-time Bachelor franchise host didn’t ask her all of our burning questions, he did ask how she appeared to be “so normal” if she mixed medication with alcohol.

“It can look like you’re totally present and you’re totally there,” Corinne explained. “It impairs your judgment … it’s just crazy.”

Olympios didn’t name the meds she was taking and she did not explain why she needed them. She simply said the combination of medication and alcohol impaired her judgment.

Frankly, I have no idea if she was taking anything — it’s totally her word. However, I assume producers would have been advised as to any medical issues/prescriptions drugs contestants needed during their stay in Paradise. 

According to ABC, contestants are required to take an STD test and and complete an 800-question psyche evaluation. We assume they are also required to have criminal background checks, but that’s not clear. But no one knew Corinne was taking prescription drugs?

Corinne didn’t read the prescription label

Prescription labels typically provide a warning if the meds should not be mixed with alcohol. Corinne claims she didn’t know — apparently, she failed to read the instructions on the label.

“The first day, unfortunately, I don’t remember much of. I definitely over-drank … I was also on some medication that you’re not supposed to drink on that I didn’t know … it’s not a good combination.”

Did Corinne lie?

So, no one knew she was taking medication and she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to drink while taking it? Sounds sketchy, no? Is it an outright lie? I’m not going to go there, but the results of our Twitter poll are interesting.

By mid-afternoon on Wednesday,  40 percent of the 4500 people who took the poll thought Corinne lied during her interview with Chris.

Medication or no medication, Corinne made it clear that she doesn’t blame DeMario for anything that happened.

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However, the stigma will stay with him since all of this sexual misconduct headlines are embedded in Google’s history.

Yes, DeMario could have backed away knowing Corinne was really drunk.

But, as Chris Harrison stated, she looked normal. And both of them were drinking and, from all accounts, it seems that their hookup was consensual.

Their sex romp (and getting drunk) is nothing new in Paradise — although most contestants go behind closed doors to get it on.

What did you think about Corinne’s interview with Chris Harrison?

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