These tweets about Dean’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ love triangle deserve a retweet


Fans aren’t holding back when it comes to calling Dean Unglert out for being a total player on Bachelor in Paradise.

Everyone put Dean on a pedestal when he was on Rachel’s season of the Bachelorette. Now that he’s trying balance two relationships in Paradise, his popularity has plummeted.

When filming first started, Dean told producers the key to surviving Paradise is to play the field, we didn’t believe him. Now we do and it’s just a big mess. We feel terrible that Kristina is heartbroken and confused. We really don’t know how we feel about Danielle (yet). Let’s see what Bachelor in Paradise fans are thinking on Twitter…

Bachelor Nation doesn’t hold back

When it comes to speaking their mind, fans aren’t afraid to speak out on Twitter. Dean has everyone talking this season and, for those who read spoilers, we knew it was coming.

Dean’s love triangle is creating so much drama we almost forgot about Taylor and Derek’s relationship. Actually, the commercials are more exciting than their relationship, so there’s that.

Can’t stop, won’t stop

Dean doesn’t know how to end a relationship. Clearly, he wants both girls, but we’re thinking he’s just physically attracted to DLo.

There’s a chance Dean is afraid of commitment, so just having a good time with Danielle is much easier than committing to Kristina. Just speculation, of course.

From what we know, the Dean-DLo-Kristina love triangle lasts longer than it should. Dean apparently continued to date

hook up with

both ladies after filming wrapped up.

During a recent Almost Famous podcast, hosts Ashley Iaconetti and Ben Higgins confirmed that Dean and Kristina “got physical” (yeah, “had sex” is a better term) during the two-week production shutdown on the Bachelor in Paradise set.

It’s no wonder why Kristina is so emotional. She takes their relationship seriously while Dean is enjoying time with both women.

We’ll have to wait until the Bachelor in Paradise reunion to find out what Dean’s relationship status is. We think he’s single, but we know he’s not going to be the next Bachelor. His friend Peter Kraus is, though!

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What are your thoughts about Dean’s actions in Paradise?

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