Who is the next ‘Bachelor’? Rachel’s loss is our gain – who’s handing out roses in 2018?


Has ABC already picked the next Bachelor? Casting is underway for the 25+ girls who will compete for the next leading man’s heart. Who is he?

The next season of The Bachelor begins in January 2018 and we can’t wait. If the rumors are true, the guy who hands out roses will be one of the hottest leads in the history of the show.

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for the Bachelorette Rachel’s season, including the outcome of the final rose ceremony.

Rachel had 31 guys to pick from one night one. It didn’t take long for her frontrunner to emerge. Let’s not kid ourselves — she had zero interest in “Whaboom,” Adam, Matt (who is Matt?), or the majority of the guys who were cast for the season.

Let’s break down Rachel’s frontrunners…and then we’ll tell you who we think ABC has already picked to become the next “Bachelor”

Bryan: She had the hots for Bryan right away. Quite the physical attraction and perhaps a mental one. Although we can’t tell because they are always sucking face. Not a bad thing, but come up for air once in awhile, guys.

Would he make a good Bachelor? Bryan has the looks and the swagger, but spoilers point to Dr. Abasolo getting Rachel’s final rose. Count him out. But can we talk about his relationship with Jubilee from Ben’s season? Hmmm…

Dean made his mark during the blimp date. He’s adorable. But he’s not a good match for Rachel. But it seems he may have found “the one” on Bachelor in Paradise. Scoop!

Eric is great. He has a zest for life and we don’t blame him for yelling at Lee. Good riddance, Lee. But is he Bachelor material? Not sure. He could be … but we’re going to bet a case of wine that he’s not. Okay, we’re not giving our wine away. Let’s just say it will be a bit of a surprise if Eric is the next Bachelor. But we won’t be totally disappointed. He’s handsome and has charisma.

Peter, Peter, Peter….

Now that’s what we’re talking about. We are totally in love with Peter and his gap-tooth goodness. Such a hottie. A sense of humor. Sweet. Seems to be romantic. We’ll take one of him to go, please.

Yes, we’re obsessed. And we think he’ll be the next Bachelor.

Reality Steve has confirmed that he didn’t win Rachel’s final rose. Instead, he got dumped at the final rose ceremony. We totally would have picked him up and comforted him. Wish producers gave us a call.

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Last year, ABC announced that Nick was the Bachelor while he was still on Bachelor in Paradise. We know Peter won’t be on BiP, so when will the big announcement happen?

Perhaps on the After the Final Rose special? Considering Peter makes it to the final two, that makes sense.

But the network has been unpredictable with announcements lately, announcing Rachel before she got dumped on Nick’s season of the Bachelor.

Do you think Peter will be named the next Bachelor? We can’t imagine he’ll turn the offer down…and we’ll be obsessing about it ’til ABC makes our prediction a reality.

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