Is ‘Bachelorette’ bad boy Lee Garrett heading to ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?


There’s no way Bachelorette Rachel is going to Lee her final rose. Will he take his cocky attitude to Paradise and create trouble in Mexico?

One Monday night, resident Bachelorette villain Lee Garrett will go on a two-on-one date with Kenny “King” Lane. And yes, Rachel will be there. There’s no doubt that she would rather skip the whole date because it’s going to be one nasty man-fight (preview video below).

Lee has created controversy throughout the season, egging the guys on with his cocky attitude. And let’s not forget those racist tweets a fan dug up that prompted him to make his Twitter account private. (Coward) That aside, spoilers point to good news for anyone who is not a fan of Lee. Rachel sends him home after the 2-on-1. But wait. Is he heading to Paradise? Say it isn’t so.

Okay. We said it. It isn’t so.

Or at least we hope producers don’t pull a fast one and add Lee to the Paradise season 4 cast. So far, it appears that only seven of Rachel’s guys will appear on the summer reality show.

Make that eight if DeMario changes his mind and decides to accept the offer to go back to Mexico.

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After sexual misconduct investigation shook things up on the set, it would be foolish for producers to add Lee to the cast lineup.

The show was already put on hold once. Lee’s racist tweets should be a clear indication that there is no place for him in the Bachelor family.

However, fans will see some of their favorite guys from Rachel’s season in Paradise.

Spoiler alert

Smiling Dean apparently has an even bigger reason to smile. He’s hit it off with one of Nick’s girls when Paradise started filming. Apparently, they’re still together.

Also heading to Mexico for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise are Jack Stone, Brady Ervin, Matt Munson, Alex Bordyukov, Iggy Rodriguez,  and Kenneth “Diggy” Moreland.

Of course, we’ll probably see Lee on the Men Tell All. Can’t wait to see what the guys have to say about him.

Watch the Bachelorette two-night event on Monday (June 26) and Tuesday (June 27) at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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