How far does Blake Elarbee make it with ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay?


The Bachelorette contestant Blake Elarbee’s feud Lucas “Whaboom” Yancey may land the aspiring drummer in the no rose zone.

How far will The Bachelorette contestant Blake Elarbee make it on Rachel Lindsay’s season? The 31-year-old Marina Del Ray resident has made it clear that he’s not too fond of one of his castmates, Lucas “Whaboom” Yancey. And there’s a reason these two aren’t best of buddies, but we’ll get to that later.

Will his issues with Lucas, or just his rather funky past, mess up his chances when it comes to competing for the final rose? Here’s the scoop on Blake and how things turn out for him this season.

Warning: Bachelorette Season 13 spoilers ahead

Blake didn’t start out on the right foot this season. His intro video had us all cringing, especially when he talked about the size of his man parts. We can definitely do without that info. And once word got out that he appeared on WeTV’s Ex-Isle with Lucas, it became clear that he was just there for the TV time — not love, marriage, and future babies with Rachel Lindsay.

We’re not sure how much Rachel knew about Blake’s past during filming, but being on TV and having his ex-girlfriend call him out on Twitter is the least of his worries. Blake also has a criminal record, as does Lucas. That may not mean much because it happened seven years ago, it may matter to  Rachel’s dad, who is a federal judge.

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According to blogger Reality Steve, Blake dated Lucas’ ex-girlfriend during Ex-Isle. She later moved in with Blake and that turned out to be a messy situation. She took to Twitter last week to bash Lucas, but has since removed the tweet. Hmmm...

More from Spoilers

Prior to his reality TV days, Blake was charged with a DUI. Radar Online reports that Blake was sentenced to six months probation.

He also had his license suspended, served 50 hours of community service, and paid upwards of $1000 in fines.

When will Blake go home?

Let’s face it, Blake doesn’t seem to be Rachel’s type. He’s a little sketchy, to say the least. Of course, we base our opinion on how he appears on the show.

For all we know, he’s a great guy. And, let’s give him some credit — he’s a decent drummer if you need a stand-in for your marching band.

According to ABC, the Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay will send three men home during the second rose ceremony of the season.

This rose ceremony be shown at the beginning of (Week 3) episode that airs on Monday, June 5.

The teaser from ABC reveals that two out of the three guys won’t be all that happy that they were eliminated.

Let’s take a wild guess here. One of them is Blake.

Bingo! Reality Steve‘s spoilers reveal that Rachel will send Blake, Lucas, and Jamey home on Monday night. He doesn’t reveal how the whole elimination goes down, but ABC hints that “two men” will have an argument about their elimination outside the Bachelor mansion.

"“The Bachelorette lets three men go at the rose ceremony, but two of them do not take the news gracefully and argue noisily outside the mansion after their ejection.”"

So classy, guys.

Watch the Bachelorette Episode 3 at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, June 5 on ABC.