‘Bachelorette’ contestant Blake Elarbee not husband material’ says ex — and there’s more


Bachelorette contestant Blake Elarbee’s ex-roommate spent Monday night trash talking the 31-year-old personal trainer/aspiring drummer on Twitter

Blake Elarbee made it clear during the second episode of The Bachelorette that he’s not a fan of Lucas “Whaboom” Yancey. While he was ranking on Lucas, his ex-roommate Britt was trashing him on Twitter. Of course, we can’t confirm that they actually lived together, but the dirt she’s dishing about Lucas has us all thinking he’s probably going to end up in Paradise this summer.

Keep in mind, Blake and Lucas both appeared on WE Tv’s reality show, Ex-Isle, and Britt was part of the cast as well. There was reportedly a messy love triangle (we’ll try to explain) between the trio, but now Britt claims that she wasn’t Blake’s girlfriend. She’s just someone who has some rather disparaging stuff to say about him. And if all of the Twitter trashing wasn’t enough, we’ve uncovered that Blake hasn’t always been a law-abiding citizen.

Let’s start with Britt, the woman who was tweeting non-stop about Blake last night. Although she claims she was only his roommate, she seems to be pretty angry about Blake. Mostly because he never did the dishes — she even tweeted a photo of a pile of dirty dishes. Yes, she did.

Dishes and DUIs

Oh, and she called him out for feeding his dog supplements, trying to evict her, and for getting mad because she “shut the door” on his “threesome.”

Whoa. This is actually funny. Blake isn’t husband material because he didn’t do dishes? There has to be something juicier than that. Before we delve into his connection with Lucas, as well as his criminal record, here’s a look at some of Britt’s anti-Blake tweets.

Blake currently lives in Los Angeles where he works (we think) as a personal trainer. Apparently, there’s some beef between Lucas and Blake that transpired from their appearance on Ex-Isle.

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According to Reality Steve, Britt is Lucas’ ex-girlfriend. She moved in with Blake after she broke up with Whaboom.

You with me?

A few years before he appeared on Ex-Isle, Blake was charged with a DUI.

Radar reports that he was sentenced to six months probation, a suspended license, 50 hours of community service, and close to $1000 in fines.

Spoilers point to Rachel sending Blake and three other guys home during the second rose ceremony of the season next week. Phew.

Next stop? Maybe Paradise. Sounds like a perfect fit — as long as he doesn’t have to do the dishes.

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