When Is ‘The Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay’s Season Premiere?

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay
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The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay has 30 guys to pick from – will she find love or will she leave the final rose ceremony single?

Rachel Lindsay is almost done filming her season of The Bachelorette. Fans can’t wait to find out if she gets engaged. ABC has confirmed that the season premiere will air on May 22 at 9 p.m. ET.

Rachel has already traveled around the world to find love. She has two more episodes to film — the overnight dates and the final rose ceremony. Spoilers indicate that Rachel visited the hometowns of her final four guys last week. She eliminated one contestant during a rose ceremony in her hometown of Dallas, Texas on April 27. Now the remaining guys are en route to the final filming location of the season.

Where does Rachel Lindsay travel this season?

This season of The Bachelorette will be much like the past 12 seasons. The lead greets her guys at the Bachelor mansion in Los Angeles and then travels across the U.S. and overseas for dates and rose ceremonies.

The only difference is Rachel Lindsay is the first black The Bachelorette star, something that has been a long time coming for ABC’s popular reality TV series.

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Rachel Lindsay spent several weeks traveling in the U.S., including a stop in South Carolina. Once the cast and crew went overseas, Rachel went on dates in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. She traveled back to the U.S. for her hometown dates and is rumored to be heading to Spain for the overnight dates and final rose ceremony.

First sneak peek of Rachel’s season

ABC is getting ready to air a sneak peek of Rachel’s season, so keep your eyes out for the promo that will show some of her guys stepping out of limos. The network typically airs the promos during Dancing with the Stars and the video is usually posted on the official Bachelorette ABC Twitter (@BachelorABC) account.

For now, take a look at the first promo for Rachel’s season. It doesn’t feature any of her guys but it’s fun to watch — and the Dallas attorney looks absolutely stunning!

Will Rachel find love on The Bachelorette?

More from Spoilers

Drama is a big part of the Bachelor franchise shows. Fans can expect plenty of that this season, including not one, but two villains.

However, there’s something about Rachel’s personality that leads us to believe that she will totally be able to handle the bad guys. Hopefully, she’ll send them home early on in the season unless producers tell her to keep them around. After all, drama is what most viewers love.

Although an engagement is not guaranteed, chances are we’ll see one of Rachel’s final two guys get down on one knee and propose. Everyone loves watching a romantic proposal, right?

Even if Rachel’s relationship doesn’t work out, a happily-ever-after ending makes for great TV.

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