‘The Bachelorette’ Rachel picks final three guys, only two get Fantasy Suite dates

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay final pick
The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay final pick /

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is down to her final three guys but only two of them will spend the night in the Fantasy Suite before the final rose ceremony.

Six weeks ago, The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay met 30 guys at the Bachelor mansion. Now she is down to her final three picks and will hand out her final rose in just a few days. But there’s a bit of a twist this season when it comes to meeting Rachel’s parents and heading off to the Fantasy Suite.

Here’s a look at Rachel’s final three picks. We’ll explain why her family met the guys before she traveled to the overnight dates. And we have the scoop on why the Bachelorette star is only spending the night with the two guys who will compete for her final rose.

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay’s final three guys

This season, producers are changing things up as far as the two final episodes go. ABC exec Robert Mills explained during a recent Entertainment Weekly radio show that Rachel’s sister is pregnant and can’t travel. After she eliminated contestant Dean Unglert last week, the remaining three guys met Rachel’s family in Dallas.

Eric Bigger, Bryan Abasolo, and Peter Kraus are Rachel’s final three per Reality Steve. Let’s take a look and then we’ll move on to the Fantasy Suite scoop. Which one of these guys will be the next Bachelor? Leave your best guess in the comments section below.

Bryan Abasolo, 37, is a chiropractor who lives in Miami, Florida. Did he tell Rachel that he was recently charged with insurance fraud? He’s one of five contestants with criminal records this season. Hmmm.

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Eric Bigger, 29, looks like a pretty cool guy. Smart, too. He’s a motivational speaker who grew up in Baltimore and currently lives in Los Angeles. He has authored two books, “100 Days of Wisdom” and “Quotes to Shape Your Life.”

Peter Kraus, 30, owns a personal training business in Madison, Wisconsin. Oh, and he’s a model, too. How original.

Overnight dates and final rose ceremony

According to Reality Steve, the overnight dates are taking place this week in Spain, or at least that’s what ABC exec Robert Mills leads us to believe. He’s not 100 percent sure, but he thinks that only two guys are traveling overseas with Rachel If so, she dumped one of them before she left Texas on Monday, Monday May 1.

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“I’m guessing the final 3 rose ceremony was last night and the final 2 are now headed off to the overnights/final rose ceremony location,” Steve writes. “I can’t imagine they did  overnights in Dallas … Frankly, what would be romantic about that doing it in Dallas? Maybe only the final 2 guys are getting overnights when the take off to wherever they’re going, which was hinted at being Spain by Robert Mills.”

Who Rachel’s final two guys are hasn’t been spoiled. Yet. It’s bound to come out before the May 22 season premiere. Or we can just wait and find out when the season finale airs on August 7. That’s so far away, though….

Any guesses on who her final two are? I’m thinking Peter Krauss and Eric Bigger. My Fantasy League pick will have Eric as the final rose winner. Let’s see how well I do this season. Mother’s intuition?